Monday, May 20, 2013

Hearts and Flowers BOM

Much as I am enjoying all this time off work, it looks as though I have landed a full-time job (still not an easy task in Las Vegas!). Since it is salaried, and on the busy Strip, I do not anticipate a lot of free time this summer. So, I have been really trying to wrap some things up around the house. Rather than finish painting the house, or even cleaning the house, I have been lining up some of my in-progress quilting projects.
This morning I completed the last Hearts and Flowers Block. Since I do not have a recipient in mind for this quilt, I may or may not finish the top in the next couple weeks.
All 12 blocks are pictured here
 And I have almost knocked out the blocks for Terry's quilt. A man quilt was requested, and I was inspired by a masculine quilt I pinned a while ago (originally at  Keepsake Quilting ). I pulled some vintage fabrics, and have one more row to add to these blocks before joining them. I was considering using this quilt to try my hand at Big-Stitch utility quilting, but time may be an issue...
 In the midst of knocking those out a couple days ago, I received a request for a toddler boy quilt for a birthday present by May 25th. Of course, it doesn't really seem like a good time for yet another new project, however this request came from the friend who has basically landed me the new job. I really could not say no, so I picked up my first cheater fabric, Vroom Vroom by Kaufman. It is sooo cute! I pieced the borders around it yesterday, and basted it. Even though I try to avoid FMQ when sleepy, I went to quilt it last night, and noticed that, in my rush to complete it, I had pinned the back panel upside down. I was tired, and actually considered just quilting it anyway, telling my husband it looks cute when the top is folded down (the cars were then right side up). But, of course, I pulled the pins and re-basted it this morning. I will post the completed quilt this week, I think it is going to be so cute:-)


  1. all 12 of those hearts blocks are lovely. Will be looking forward to the setting even if I have to wait for a while.

  2. Hey, congrats on the salaried job!! This is my favorite hearts and flowers block. That cheater panel sure is cute. :)


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