Saturday, October 8, 2016

Handmade Halloween: The Bat in the Moonlight

How Bat That?
I finished my mini with three hours remaining to write this post and catch the party!
I appliqued this fun piece for The Crafted Applique Bloghop, back in May!
It finished right around 20".
I chose an easy-peasy finishing method:
After quilting with a muslin backing, pulling threads to the back and tying them, I cut a new backing, black, 1" larger than the quilt.
Next, I stitched them (right-sides) together, but only along two opposite edges.
Turned it right side out and pinned the unfinished ends over.
Finally, I top-stitch all the way around.
Perhaps crude, but it sure makes a nice finish for a table mat!
Variegated purple thread from Superior, a 40wt from old stash, plus wool batting.
My funky quilting really stands out!
This is one block from the Carolyn Lynch pattern, "Something Wicked This Way Comes". All of the blocks can be seen at Carolyn's website, Articles of Merit Not Listed.

I found the single-block pattern, titled "The Bat in the Moonlight", published in QNM, OCT 98 issue. 

Are you ready for Halloween?
Costumes set yet?
Check out the Handmade Halloween inspiration party!


  1. The quirky quilting makes it! Great finish.

  2. This turned out great. The quilting is perfect- glad you got it finished and were able to link up. Thanks for joining the party!

  3. The black is stunning against the background. I think the finish works well.

  4. Very fun! The black bats look great on that bright background. Congrats on a great finish.

  5. This is seriously cute! The beautiful background fabric and the quilting lines make it electric)))

  6. The black bats looks great! What a fun finish, Heidi!!


  7. Love the quilting - so perfect for the bats. This is fun, and it's also useful. I love the way you finished it. I'm going to have to try that next time. It doesn't look crude to me!

  8. That's an awesome table mat - not crude - adorable spooky!

  9. I like the way you finish the quilt. So clever! The quilt is so cute.

  10. Love the bats, I think the binding is great too like everyone else.

  11. I am going batty over your bats!! This is WAYY too cute!
    Love it!

  12. Those bats are very fun--kind of hiding in plain sight!

  13. Love your Bats! Should make this for my DD. They have found bats in their bew home.

  14. Love your Bats! Should make this for my DD. They have found bats in their bew home.

  15. This is such a fun quilt Heidi! I love the way you chose to quilt it. It has the effect of making it look like lightning is going to strike, LOL.

  16. PS - Heidi, I hope you'll post this gem on the never ending Crafted Applique Linky party:

  17. Gorgeous. Love that background fabric.

  18. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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