Monday, October 31, 2016

Cotton Cuts Quilting Fabric: Product Review & Giveaway

I found a really fun way to build stash!
If you enjoy fabric delivered to your doorstep, you may be interested in this! Cotton Cuts offers monthly subscriptions with 1, 3, or 6 month options. After completing a brief questionnaire, the bundle sent to your home is curated based on your own preferences.

I was thrilled to be offered a trial, and quick-as-a-flash, I received my package!

We're talkin' about some Happy Mail, haha,
There were no tricks inside this treat!
Beautiful, right?
First of all, the packaging was top of the line! I appreciate a well-packaged bundle, and the inner box will find a secondary use in my home.

This is top-quality fabric, and they did a great job customizing for me. A couple may not be selections I would have made, however I think another advantage of this service may be occasionally receiving a print that pushes beyond your comfort one!
I wonder what is in store for these lovelies?
So, how about the Value? I received three total yards, plus the added patterns; a BOM and a mini. Also included, as this month's bonus, a useful zip-charm:)
I think Yes, a very nice value nice value, and especially for those looking to build stash!

If you think this may be fun to try, please Stay-tuned! 
 A Cotton Cuts giveaway will be announced shortly, just for OMG participants!

Check out the CottonCuts website for all the info! 
or, Find them on Istagram to learn about more giveaways!


  1. What are the subscription rates?

  2. I need to start using more of my stash instead of growing it, but that is such a pretty little bundle!

  3. Oh, yay! Looks great, Heidi!
    Can't wait to see what you create with them!

  4. Pretty fabrics! I've seen other people get similar boxes to this but I've never tried one. I think I'll check out the website, I don't really need anymore fabrics, but you never know. Blessings, Gretchen

  5. What a lovely variety. I like that it's tailored to the recipient, too. There are certain things I don't like and they always seem to show up in boxes! Thanks for the link.

  6. Those fabrics are beautiful! Sounds like a neat new service. I went to their website and checked them out; they have a great mission, too. I'm glad to know you had a good experience with them!

  7. Pretty fabric, need to check it out.

  8. I like this better than any other monthly clubs being offered. Can hardly wait to see how much it is.

  9. I've been looking for something "new" off to check them out. Yours looks great!!

  10. You made great progress.This is really pretty and good idea on site !



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