Monday, May 16, 2016

Enter to Win! A Few Shares..

Good Morning!
A quick post this morning to share with you a couple giveaways going on in Blogland!
Maybe this will make up for my slow-blogging as of late,
(due in part to my new RedLetterQuilts account on Instagram!)
Instagram is fun! I was afraid of the commitment, then realized I can participate as little or as much as I like! I have found it user-friendly, and posting once or twice a week has been good so far!

I have extended the Crafted Applique Giveaway , now accepting entries through Tuesday, May 17th! Apparently I was looking at the April calendar when I wrote the post. Such is my life these days, haha..

Another Book Tour I have been following is Modern Selvedge Quilting, by Riel Nason who blogs at The Q and the U. I have admired Riel's work for so long now and I'm pretty excited to get my hands on this book! Today's stop on the tour is at Poppyprint, where Krista shares some great inspiration.
 I adore this quote she shared from the book:

"Selvages are like ticket stubs you keep from a fabulous show"

I'll share another giveaway going on this morning, because who wouldn't love to win a bundle of Oakshott? One lucky winner is going to be very very happy after visiting Lynne at Lily's Quilts...

OK, One more, lol!! 
If you are not already following Lea Anne, at Podunk Pretties, you may want to check out her blog! She is offering a cute tutorial tomorrow, (and giveaways!)

Did you see that Denyse Schmidt is featured as today's Flash Sale at Fat Quarter Shop, with New Bedford yardage at 50% off! I am still indecisive about how to spend the $100 gift certificate I won during the Worldwide Quilting Day celebration. Eventually, I will make up my mind - and I will be sharing the fabric with the OMG Prizepool!
I am leaning toward a pre-order, there are so many coming out this year!
I could use some of these for my Daily Dot quilt, and they look like great stash-fabrics:

Photo ripped from Fat Quarter Shop
 I still have a bit of Figgy Puddin' left in my Christmas Stash, and I am tempted by the new line coming from BasicGrey, Juniper Berry. The colorway is quite similar.
another Photo ripped from Fat Quarter Shop
It is sooo hard to make up my mind with all the great lines set to release this year! Maybe I could be persuaded! Is there something in particular you would like to see in the OMG Prizepool?


  1. I'm an IG convert too. So easy to post a photo, share at same time to FB = done. Blogging/writing is hard work - just to make sure you spelled your words right, not to mention the grammar police (in our heads). The content is there already and IG is so much easier.
    People like/heart IG more so there's that gratification. It seems all the blogs I follow are all complaining about the number of comments going down...I think IG is much easier to see who reads your content whereas blogger (or whatever) is 'screening' your readers from you.

  2. OOO! That Juniper Berry looks pretty yummy to me! That gets my vote. Thanks for offering all the giveaways, I can't seem to find the time to visit everywhere I want to visit!

  3. Heidi, you sure search out the goodies! I really love Riel's quote and her book is next in line for me to buy!
    That Thicket fabric is way to awesome not to order!
    For the life of me, I can't do Instagram very well. I wish we were able to use our regular computers to post. iPhone is too tiny for these bad eyes.

  4. I love the Juniper Berry collection and it looks not too Christmasy (if you see what I mean))) which makes it more versatile than most holiday lines.

    1. Too right! My favorite holiday quilts are those that can be used for two or three months!

  5. Lots of fun fabrics. I'm trying hard to not buy anything that's not going into a quilt this year. But you've certainly got your eyes on some very pretty stuff.


Thank you for sharing your comments!

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