Monday, February 1, 2016

February Quilty 365 Linkup - Daily Dots 36-63

Dot 36 was made February 4th, the day I launch the new linkup OMG: One Monthly Goal. The blue kitten block was made in honor of Maggie, the newest member of Three Cats Ranch. I added another cat block as I envision Barbara reporting soon that Smitty and Maggie are playing together. Well, hopefully soon...

I had to make a few blocks ahead, in order to sandwich this flimsy to work on during an upcoming trip to Seattle. The panel takes me through the 31st. I made the red rain drop and the house dots thinking of Seattle. Unfortunately, the water dot now symbolizes the day our toilet ran. And ran. And ran some more.  I awoke at 5:30AM to a swamp in our house, a mess we are still working to dry out. Oh Lordy, what a mess. Perhaps I won't be tempted to do dots ahead of time again.
Anyway, this is sandwiched now and ready for a bit of big-stitch quilting, and I am just about ready to leave this soggy home behind for a couple days... 

Almost every dot has some sort of story and I am recording them on the backside of the quilt. I made scissors the day Ty and I went for haircuts. Let's see, the upper-right dot is to commemorate the finish of Primarily Circles. Citrus dots for all the lemons and oodles of grapefruit I have been squeezing since the Snowbird's have all been visiting.

Freezing lemon juice in ice cube trays and sipping Salty Dogs.
A Blue Dahlia for Jan. RSC Challenge.
I found the fairy tale print in my vintage stash the day I finished reading The Wild One, by Kate Forsyth, a book about The Grimm Brothers.
Dragonflies for Terri's Birthday.

And a dot for my first OMG sponsor, Bag Maker Supply!
I will be checking out progress with other Quilty 365er's at the February Linkup!

This is the most fun I have had with a project in a long time!!

Link to view Panel #1, Dots 1-35


  1. Great scrappy memory quilt!!'ll have twelve of these by the end of the year!! Isn't that fantastic. Wish i had more time to keep up...looks like such a fun project!

  2. I agree - this one is very engaging and I absolutely love the personal interpretations being shared.

  3. Your circle are so packed with meaning - and beautiful! I'm having a great time with this so far.

  4. I love that your dot quilt has a story for each dot. So sorry about your Seattle/house flood dot. BTDT and still fixing damaged areas years later.

  5. Your dots not only look fabulous Heidi, I love how they tell a story too! Big stitch quilting will really be the crowning touch.
    Hope your house is all dry when you return and that you have a great trip!

  6. Your post made me laugh even though it wasn't really funny at all. Great to see your wonderful looking circles!

  7. This is a great fabric journal. x

  8. Your dots are lovely. Maybe you are psychic and anticipated a water issue. (sorry about that). Are you quilting as you go?

  9. This section looks great, but what a shame about the water problem!!

  10. What fun and interesting circles! Love the background fabrics as well.

  11. What a great diary of the year. Sorry about the soggy house, hopefully you are all dried out now


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