Monday, December 7, 2015

Daily DOTS Quilt Block Progress & ALYoF December Goal

I am making progress each day with my Daily Dots Quilted Journal. This is a really fun sewalong at Quilty Folk, called Quilty 365. I made the Mourning Ring following the San Bernardino shootings. Every Friday, I decided, will be Favorite Fabric Friday, and I chose my favorite Kaffe green for that day. The crows are a result of the over-dyeing I did last week; I started the jewelry roll on Saturday and made my daily dot with leftovers. The last dot shown is Donna's favorite fabric and it represents my December goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes. Donna's Star Quilt has been my goal with this linkup several times over the past two years, so please don't roll your eyes..
It is nearing the homestretch this time and I am going for a complete finish, binding and all.
I promise.


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  1. What pretty dots! I went to 8th-12th grades in San Bernardino, and several of the first responders were classmates of mine. Thank you for that one dot. And I'm not one to do the least bit of eye-rolling about carry-over quilt goals. The star quilt is a beautiful project and will be well worth its creation process when it gets there. :D

  2. Your dots are beautiful Heidi - so very interesting and I love the black background you are working with.
    That is a gorgeous star quilt1

  3. So many greys!!! Those poor families in SB. We (in the UK) will never understand your gun laws (or apparent lack of)

  4. Looking good! Love how the crows came out. XO


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