Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Mini Christmas Tree Skirt or Quilted Candle Mat

It's Sew Simple Saturday - December Edition!
I made another Mini Christmas Tree Skirt, this time taking pictures along the way. A fun use for border fabrics, or striped fabrics! It fits well under a small tree, or as a candle mat.
Two or three together would be lovely for a table setting..

The first time I made this block, I cut my own template and made little marks so that I was able to line up the template and exact six matching triangles.
Since then I have acquired a sixty degree acrylic template. Now I can simply line up the line markings so each triangle is identical.
Cut six triangles. Size doesn't matter as long as they are all the same. Going for simple, I cut mine the same size as the 6" template.
Sew three together, set aside, and repeat.
Finger-press the seams in opposite directions for each half-hexie.
Before sewing the two halves together, connect the center points with a pin.
Line up the edges and sew.
Clip the center seam, almost to the center point and fan your seams so they will lay flat.
To add a border:
Cut six strips, each a few inches longer than the width of one triangle. The width you cut your border strips is up to you! Mine are 1.5" x 9".
Attach the first strip to one side and trim.
Repeat five more times.
I stopped here, but of course you could add more borders if you are looking for a larger finish.

Sandwich top with backing and batting, and quilt as desired.

I cut binding fabric 2 1/8" wide for this fabric, and needed 56". Attach using your preferred method. If you have never bound hexie-corners, you may find it easier than expected! Just stop each side the usual 1/4" from edge, and adjust/finesse the miter after wrapping the binding over the edge.
The Figgy Pudding fabric remains one of my favorite out-of-print lines.
The first mini tree skirt I made was with an orphan block leftover from my Figgy Swirl quilt in 2012.
I began making this quilt without a plan, then designed the borders after completing the large blocks. I suppose it could be called improv...
I sold it to a buyer in Eastern Canada and kind of regret it(!)
Well, Now I would like to make another and pattern it. I am not sure what the best software is for writing patterns, but I know I do not own it. Any suggestions?

Visit Sew and Sow Farm for inspiration this weekend, and if you have a tip or tutorial be sure and link up! Last month, I won a Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate! Perfect timing for all their fab-sales too - what a beautiful bundle I received! 
Milk, Sugar, & Flour by Elea Lutz


  1. Very cute mini tree skirt, and I love the swirl quilt too! I hope you do write a pattern for it. I'm no help on software suggestions, though. I did mine "old school" using just MS Word and Paint, with the templates done in EQ, but I'm sure there are better options.

  2. My goodness those are so adorable! I really love the Swirl quilt too! I agree, you should write a pattern for it! Thank you for sharing and for linking up! You've inspired me the try those triangles! xo jan

  3. Great idea to use striped fabric - fab result

  4. What a great idea for a mini quilt!

  5. Very cute little mat! I've made a few Figgy Pudding projects too--fun fabric line!

  6. Very nice project. Thanks for all the photos of the steps and for showing the reverse side, too.

  7. HI, love this fabric+design!
    Want to make one just like it!

  8. That's a great use for striped fabric! It makes the mini quilt look a lot more complicated than it is :)

  9. Those little tree skirts are so pretty Heidi!
    And Figgy Swirl is Wow! I'm sure your buyer is extremely happy that you parted with it!

  10. Great explanation of how to make this project. Love the fabrics you used. And the quilt you sold looks great. Good luck with the pattern writing.

  11. I've been looking for something like this, thank you! I've heard EQ7 is a great program, if you can afford it. If you're looking to sell your designs though, you should be able to write off the expense.


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