Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Saving the Fabrics of the World - I need your help!

My big share this week for WIP Wednesday is a new project called Summer Gathering.
Here it is on my design wall. The lovely strips are actually pinned up, right over the top of another WIP ...
Summer Gathering, my work-in-progress. The straggler blocks are from Add-a-Border, awaiting my additions..  
This is the result of a kit that was included with some stash I purchased last fall, at the parking lot sale hosted by Quiltique. The sale is more like a swap! Quilters rent space for the morning to sell their stash. Everyone tries to avoid purchasing more from their neighbors than what was destashed in the first place - haha, very few walk away with less than they brought!

This 'kit' was bundled with a booth purchase. It had no pattern, just a whole lot of 2.5" squares and pre-cut triangles to make more squares. The fabrics are exactly what many quilters have been trying to avoid for years now, possibly from JoAnn's or whatever. Not something I want to put in my Etsy shop, but they fit perfectly with my mission to "save the cottons!", hehe.

I completed most of the HST's as leaders and enders over the past 5 or 6 months. They seemed to go on and on, but one day, woo-lah! - they were done! I still had no plan for these - it was near Easter time, and I thought I would do some sort of baskets. Playing with them was fun, and when I made the center block I knew I liked that & I just started building around it.

Oh NO - I have run out of the background fabrics! 
How bout it my quilty friends, does this fabric look familiar to you? From the 90's perhaps?

Is something like this lurking at the bottom of a stash pile somewhere? These are both off-white & white-on-white tonals, looking a bit dark here against the gray design wall. 

I need one strip each of ten different prints, (or 20 2.5" squares of each print). Do you have one or two strips you are willing to send to Southern Nevada? In appreciation, all those who donate a strip (or squares!) to Summer Gathering will be entered in a drawing to win a 'Just My Type' charm pack (like I used for my recent Kitchenaid Cozy!)

Thank you for you help! Together, we just may be able to save the cottons ;-)

Linking up with Let's Bee Social at SewFreshQuilts, and, (a bit late!) with Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times!


  1. That is absolutely hilarious... I don't know how I could go to such a swap and not end up bringing home more than what I left with! But it looks like you made a good trade... this is such a lovely quilt. It will be a beautiful finish! I hope you can find your backgroud fabrics... sorry, can't help you there.

    Greetings from Germany!

  2. None of those ring a bell, but I will have a look downstairs...pretty good with my (ample) stash but I could have some. I just love what you have created with them! You must link it up with Cindy's Oh Scrap! on Sunday. If you don't know of this linky it's at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.

  3. Looked through my stash, and have some close but not the same. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you pics

  4. How cool about that parking lot sale! You are so funny Heidi. I absolutely have at least one of those fabrics (the HST with the pink in your last pic, I think) Maybe I even have more than that. Whatever I dig up, I can send it to you toot sweet!
    By the way - the awesomeness of your quilt makes me realize even outdated fabrics can be tuned into something wonderful.

  5. I'm pretty doggone sure that many of those tone-on-tones are still available a Joann's. They look very familiar to me.

  6. I have some that look about right, I can send pics, or happy to post in the hope you can use them, just zap me your address

  7. I have two that might work, not exact matches but they came from Joann's years ago and are off whites with small white designs on them. I have about an eighth of each. Let me know if you are interested.

  8. That's a great wip! I love the way it radiates out from the middle.

  9. This has happened to me as well innovative way to find the fabric you need. I do think I've got SD one the light fabric, definitely from the 90's. What's the address. Carli the quilter at gmail dot com

  10. I have some. Carli the quilter at gmail dot come. Need address.
    Lovely quilt!

  11. Hi Heidi! Instead of using even more fabric to make it bigger, why not pull away the "projecting" parts and just square up what is there for a nice-sized quilt? You could use the other pieces for a smaller baby or toddler quilt. Just an idea! Either way, it's a lovely quilt and a nice save!

  12. I'm sure I had some of the tan with white roses. Can't find it anywhere. Thought it might show up as soon as I posted that I can't find it. LOL Worth a try.

  13. What a fun idea for a fabric swap! I love what you have created with your acquired stash. And yes...I have to admit I have had some of those off-white little flower fabrics in my stash and it is possible there are still some hiding somewhere! Though I do think (and hope!) I have used them all up. How funny!

  14. I think I have some of those leaves in the first full square on the left. Let me know if you'd like to see.

  15. It isn't the piece I was looking for, but I did find a 20 inch square piece of fabric like the one between the two purple squares in your photo. (small 5 petal flowers and swirls, white on white.) It was in a box of fabrics I inherited from my friends mother.


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