Monday, May 11, 2015

Winner Winner!

Whew! Funny how exhausting Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Week is!
This delicious scrap bundle enticed some excitement! Reading through the comments, it seems the vibe felt a bit more fired up than past giveaways! Many readers shared tidbits I found very interesting: about fabric, Mother's Day, Vegas, my blog(!), and Ty's Barn Blocks! I regret not replying to each but I must say how much of these comments meant to me! Seriously, I had a couple squish moments. Because blogging is a decision, kind of a decision to share. And it eats at our most valuable commodity, our time. our precious. Blogging once or twice a week is a rewarding way to journal progress, track goals, share info, and meet quilter's!
And the winner is...
Congratulations to auntie sash !! Looks like a scavenger quilt project may be on your bucket list! Sash was one of many who spied the hula girls. Many of you saw Rosie the Riveter, the ducks from Red Letter Day (be still my heart!), & the Henna's. The houses were popular - especially the red and white, but on their left are those pink and purple houses (Kokka) - one of my all time favorites - it has made its way into a lot of my projects! Some other surprises are included that were harder to recognize as well, like the retro girls I used when I made BFF Jewelry Rolls.
So, this has been my favorite giveaway yet and I have already started setting fabrics aside for next time. 
Hmm, perhaps I will use some in Lia's next fabric scrap swap - that was pretty fun too!

Thank you ALL for the scrap-loving comments, seems there is a lot of fussy cutting going on!

And many commented about trips to Vegas (surprise, surprise a few were married here too!). I wanted to say, I had not been to a quilt shop while visiting here, prior to moving here I mean. The Strip is one of those rare places that can manage to take COTTON off one's brain for awhile. Fabric shopping involves driving away from the Strip. Some praise their patient husbands, but for those who wish to break away in pursuit of fabric, (and skip the car rental altogether!), a quilt shop tour is available! I thought it was a sweet idea, but we did lose one LSC last year (Boulder City).
I wanted so much to buy that sweet little brick and mortar, sigh ....

Congratulations Sash, I hope you enjoy!

Coming Soon: This week I'll be turning to readers for HELP!
I will post pics of my new, almost-flimsy, I ran out of fabric to complete it! I'm looking for some bits of yucky-white-on-white calico-type-probably-joanns-inthe90's-neutrals. What, you threw it all out a decade ago? No joke, I need to snap a few photos of the design wall before it gets dark, and I will post Tuesday or Wednesday with exactly what I am hoping to find...
perhaps it is at the bottom of your scrap bin ;-)

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