Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NINE outta 12 ain't bad! A Lovely Year of Finishes - 2014 Finale

Goal setting has always been a bit tough for me when it comes to quilting. I like to enter my creative space with the freedom to do "whatever, whenever". I thought I might get more done if I began thinking ahead though, so last year I joined the monthly goal-setting linkup co-run by Melissa of Sew Bittersweet Designs, & Fiber of all Sorts.

I tried to set realistic, yet challenging goals and it worked - I achieved nine of my goals in 2014! I was not able to meet my goals for November or December because life has been a bit nuts here, but I am happy with the results for the year, and very thankful to our hosts ;-)
You may notice I have a thing for baby quilts!
They are so sweet to make, and they provide opportunities to try new methods and products.

Finish Links:
Purple Kisses, Hello Moon, Railway Baby, Scrambled Nines, Flight Plan, Baby Bubble Wrap, Time Flies, Christmas FlimsySaturday Morning Cartoons

I am linking up today with other ALYOF FINALE posts over at Fiber of all Sorts!


  1. Congrats! They're all so pretty =) Can't wait to see this year's projects ...

  2. Nine out of twelve is great! I figure the creativity part comes when I start a project. The monthly goal setting makes me finish it. ;)

  3. I think you did great. 75% is impressive.


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