Thursday, May 29, 2014

Such a Staunch Finish - The Story of A Brave New Quilt

Now that this has been received by it's recipient, I am so happy to share this mini!

I have never been quite so compelled to make something for another quilter as I was with this one. When I requested some inspiration from Kelly O., two of the clues she shared were her love of Tula Pink and her love of inspirational mini-quilts for her sewing space. I also love Tula, but hmmph, I don't have ANY (I know, right?). Instead, I knew I wanted to share some of my favorite scraps.

Month's went by before I was quite suddenly hit with the inspiration for Sew Staunch.
Early this month, as we approached the week marking the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of Kathreen Ricketson, the inspirational Author and Blogger from Australia who, amongst many other things, founded I was inspired to create this smaller version of Kathreen's quilt, 'Sew What', as published in her most recent book, "Brave New Quilts".

It has been some 14 years ago now since I was so fortunate as to spend several weeks Down Under.

While there, I frequently heard the term 'staunch' in casual conversation. Generally, it was used in appreciation of a 'mate', or in reference to something quite revered. This memory came to me as I reflected on Kathreen's work ethic, her devotion to family, sense of adventure, and her bold design style. She was so inspirational in the crafting community worldwide, and I have thought often of she and her husband's surviving children over this past year. My imagination tells me they are Staunch Aussie's, and I do hope they are faring well. These things were on my mind as I created this piece, and it is possible a tear landed here or there. It served as an inspiration to me while making it, and it is gratifying to know that it is likely to do the same for Kelly :-)

Linking up this inspirational finish, with appreciation for the hosts at several of my usual linky places: NTT with Kelly, Can I Get a Whoop Whoop, LAFF, TGIFF, and Lets Bee Social with Lorna...

Looks like Kelly is giving NTT a break this week, but I found the link to IQuilt at her site and I will linkup with Gemma at Pretty Bobbins for the first time :-)

Looks like a fun place to party!

I Quilt @ Pretty Bobbins

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  1. Well done, Heidi! What a wonderful quilt and a fitting tribute to your inspiration found in Kathreen and her work. Love the rainbow of circles and that little piece of "Keep On Quilting". Very stanch mini finish, my friend!

  2. This is a great quilt and a lovely way to remember Kathreen.

  3. Hopping over from linky party Such a Sew and Sew... How fun and I love the zigzag too. I just gave it a try, please let me know what you think

  4. This is so lovely. Thanks for sharing the story behind it!

  5. simply awesome, love everything about it, but the zig zag quilting is wonderful and really makes the quilt shine.

  6. Thank you again Heidi! Your photos are fantastic, but even they don't do justice to the quilt. I am head over heels with it!!

    The "Keep On Quilting" is my favorite fabric, but the sentiment behind the making of this quilt is my favorite part of it.

    You really have raised the bar for Craft It Forward! Thank you!!

  7. Very nice mini finish and great photographs!

  8. But, this is just awesome! I really love the scrappy circles backed by the random zig-zag quilting. Did you just use FMQ approach for it?


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