Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scrambled Nines - It's a Wrap!

Oh, how I love a finish!
Especially when it fulfills a goal set for AYOLF! (May Party link #74!)

Scrambled Nines is my third finish using a Layer Cake of Nursery Prints from Quilting Treasures. It is my favorite of the three...
When I posted the May goal, it was stuck on Mr. Juki awaiting a quilting decision. I went with loopy quotation quilting.

I ran into some trouble with the yellow and grey checkered fabric from Clothworks. It is nice fabric, very soft with a bit of an organic feel to it. I found it shrunk more than average, and more in one direction than in another. Once I finished quilting the blocks, I realized it would look much better with blocking, since the center is quite heavily quilted. Blocking went well, and I was able to ease it all flat prior to binding. I was really surprised when it shrunk 1/2" more in one direction than the other during the blocking process, and I had to trim a bit more off the borders than I had anticipated. This shot shows a bit of hand-made waviness, although it looks worse than it is - the waves are enhanced by the wind, and by the folds of an all-cotton batting:
The backing is like a whole-nother quilt, eh?
I love the little chicks:
Now that I have done a half dozen or so machine bindings, I have found my favorite method. It is tight, and it looks almost traditional from the front.
Non-traditional on the back, but nice and even, and close to the edge.
Linking this finish up with Kelly at NTT,  TGIFF hosted this week by Sarah at Georgia Girl Quilts (she is running a giveaway there too!), Sarah for Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? , and Link a Finish Friday with Richard and Tanya, and Elizabeth at Such a Sew and Sew for A Stitch in Time!
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  1. I think it turned out beautifully. I love that block pattern. I've done a few machine bindings, and I guess I'm a little weird (ok, I know I'm a lot weird, in many ways) but I actually prefer the do the binding opposite and have what you're showing on the back as the front.

    I really do love how it turned out, and I see nothing imperfect about it at all. I mean really, isn't that what "handmade" is all about? Lovely!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Love the colors and admire the quilting! Well done!

  3. What a great layer cake quilt and your quilting adds a whole different level. It's interesting to hear about the shrinkage. Does it make you wonder about washing your fabrics? I like the idea of ore washing but sometimes it's hard to wait.

  4. Hello Heidi,

    Beautiful quilt, and really interesting to see that the colours you have used reflect the landscape surrounding you. Rather dry there, isn't it?

    Love from soggy England, Muv

  5. It's beautiful! Thanks for linking up too TGIFF!

  6. so delicate! Congrats on another finish!
    LeeAnna Paylor
    not afraid of color!

  7. It's beautiful! Your machine binding looks wonderfully neat. Great job.

  8. beautiful quilt! The quilting is gorgeous, though I don't understand what you mean by "quotation quilting". The binding is a triumph too, I just can't do decent machine binding. Well done on achieving your goal for aLYOFs

  9. Hopping over from linky party Such a Sew and Sew.. So Gorgeous.. I just love patchwork and when they are in low volume too. great work.

  10. Such a lovely quilt! I'm impressed and inspired! You are so talented.


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