Thursday, December 19, 2013

Looking Ahead: 2014 New FOs

Time to share several new projects I would like to tackle in 2014!
First up, I have hoarded five yards of this fantastic double-gauze for some time. Recently, I picked up a couple threads to try my hand at big-stitch quilting. I plan to quilt some large circles.
This next one may look more like a UFO, but because this is the way I inherited it, it qualifies for the NewFO list! It is new-to-me, from an estate sale, and it came with a lot of cut rectangles, the French Braid book, and two long rows like this already pieced. I know exactly who I want to make this for, just not exactly what. I am actually leaning toward a table setting.
I hope is to tackle some of my scrappy collections in 2014.
I have a high turnover of fabric. Acquiring fabric is a passion, & selling it on Etsy has only further enabled my addiction! I have quite a few 'collections' I continuously add to. A strip or square is cut from most every fabric I touch, and added to one stack or another! This stack is over 4" tall, all 2.5" squares for a baby girl quilt. I know I will love this quilt and I hope to piece it this year.
...this next pic is actually the same stack, but what a great photo to share with Barb:-)
I can't wait to dig into this next collection! I started it more recently, with a mini charm of Ticklish.
It's a summery stack and perhaps I will work on it then.
Somehow I will use those 5" pieces with it...
Here is a short stack of 2.5"ers - all geometric cools for a baby boy quilt. I need to add to this next year. I haven't decided if I will add those warm colors though...

Barb, over at Cat Patches, provides quilter's a place to link up & unabashedly add new quilting projects each month. Do you have any new projects stirring for 2014?
NewFO is one of my favorite linkups to participate in! It is very freeing to realize that starting new projects does not mean less will be finished. Oh, Contraire, participating in Barb's linkup in 2013 worked for me to actually produce more!

UFO's are high on my priority list to tackle next year, therefore I capped my allowance of Newbies to only four today. I am set to share some Unfinished 'Objects' on my New Year's Post!

For now, I will set thoughts of 2014 aside and focus on enjoying Christmas!


  1. What fun, beautiful fabrics!!! I'll enjoy watching you make them come alive in quilts :*) Especially love the French Braid you "inherited" - YUM!!!

  2. I like that word "unabashedly"! It's very FREEING to be able to START something NEW every month with no Quilt Police around. Great collections to play with.

  3. Oh, I love that kitty! Great list of projects and pretty fabrics.


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