Tuesday, December 17, 2013

EPP Hexagon Block Update

The Completion of Flower Number 22

I am playing a bit of blogland catch-up today! It has not been easy to divide my time lately, so I am quite proud that I managed to complete a flower this month. Now I am qualified to link up to Hydee's In Hand EPP Party!

EPP or otherwise, this is actually the only block I have actually finished in some time so I will also share with Lyn for BOMsAway Linkup!

Here is a first-time OOPS:
I wonder if anyone else has ever done this?
I whip stitched two patches together - wrong sides together.
It was late at night, and I didn't even notice til morning. I thought of Hydee, and I knew that I would have to share this blunder with ya'll:
Can you see the stitching?
Actually, it is not very visible to the naked eye, but I can feel it, and the seam does not have the same indent as the others. Of course I didn't even consider taking it out. I use a super tiny whip stitch!

Way-back-when, before I knew anything much about sewing, I began my 1st flower, using a teeny-tiny whip stitch. Since I have made so many in this manner, I can's seem to let myself loosen up a bit. I know that no one will know the difference if the stitching varies, but I just keep whip stitching the same old way...
With 20 - 25 stitches per inch. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of thoughts that provokes?
Maybe, "No wonder it has taken her so long!!"
Actually, I have no idea what the 'norm' is, or the recommended rate.
And now I am very curious, and I hope you will share, what is your average stitch length for EPP?


  1. Flower #22 is looking nice and sunny. I just went to measure and count. It seems I average around 13 stitches to the inch.

  2. What beautiful flower! Love it, I just count on my red and white roseta flower around 18 - 20 stitches to 3/4 of inch.

  3. yes, I think I have done that. I know for sure I've had to unpick once or twice. good for you for letting it go.

    and, Heidi, I never meant to imply that your longest-running project was a problem! I think it's pretty cool that you add to it each year. =) maybe you need to have another project in addition to this one so that you can still participate in the party but keep your flower garden an "annual" garden. lol.

    as for stitch length, I think sometimes when I've counted it's been something like 50 on 1 - 1" side. that seems impossibly tight, but I do know I keep it pretty close. it can't be right! i'll have to go do some more and count again. maybe it was more like 25 or 30. my quilt is NEVER coming apart!

  4. actually, I'm doing 1.5" sides. so maybe it is 50?

  5. Im doing 1.5" sides and I only do maybe 20-30.

  6. I have stitched them together backwards and picked it out again. Mine were just too obvious to leave! I just counted and I have 20 it's stitches per inch too.

  7. @hydeeannsews
    I am so thankful for your monthly link up, Hydee! You are so upbeat and genuine. I love that I have different fabrics for flowers made over the years, & InHand has inspired me to finish this quilt!

  8. This is such a pretty flower - and yep, I wouldn't take that stitching out. You will never find it again when you have a quilt together! And for stitches - I tend to keep on the small side, too. I haven't done hexies yet, but with my needle-turn hand applique, I hit between 18 and 28 per inch, depending on the complexity of any curves or weird things.

  9. I think my stitch length is about 20 per inch. I like to keep them close and pulled tight. I've had to take a few out and am now looking at taking out a whole border. Ugh, not looking forward to that, so I put it away for the month.

  10. Mine are anywhere from 12 to 14 whip stitches per inch. Mine are pulled pretty tight and I use Bottom Line thread which is pretty thin. I haven't had anything come apart yet...but mistakes have been a bugger to take apart!

  11. I use a lot. Have no clue what is normal either.

  12. I've never counted my stitches but I use a pretty tiny whip stitch too. I always tell myself that at least the quilt will stay together. I have a quilt that is a quilt as you go style with the blocks hand quilted together and the hand stitching is not tiny. I've had to do repairs in quite a few places where it has started to come apart.


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