Monday, November 25, 2013

Today on my Design Wall & BOMs Away!

My Christmas Sampler has been on my wall for two weeks.
I designed and made the Christmas blocks in the late 80's. I made them just before I purchased a rotary cutter, and prior to having much stash. I learned to quilt with library books. And then with a couple BOMs, but I enjoyed drawing patterns out on graph paper and piecing them together.

LAST Christmas, I pulled out all the old blocks and set to work piecing the sashings. I was happy with the flimsy I finished, but I packed it back up with 'to be quilted by this Christmas'.
At 40" square, I thought this would be a wall hanging, but I have been re-thinking it now since it has been on the wall.
I'm considering making this a throw instead, but I really don't want to get back into piecing on it.. 
Such are the dilemmas.
Meanwhile, other things are going on in The room. (hear that, Sampler? The world hasn't stopped for you!):
Mr. Juki has acquired a huge backup of flimsies as a result of a very bad case of constipation. Apparently, he bit off more than he can chew when this 'quick' little project began:
He and I have to drive very slowly when following the black lines on this cheater fabric...

(I can't believe I started this, and I know if I allow Mr. Juki to begin another flimsy without finishing his business, he may never want to see this baby hex again...)

The clock is ticking til Christmas...

The Sampler's grand finish has been threatened...

It's lease on the design wall expires on Wednesday, 
I just cannot wait to play with some new blocks I've been stripping.. Some BIG blocks.. BIAS blocks... big Bias Blocks that CANNOT(!) be played with on the floor...
There they are in pre-starch mode...

I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday today, check out more design walls here!

And I am linking with Lyn at What a Hoot...
Lyn hosts BOMs Away!, where I share my Hello Moon and Add-a-Border Block Swap blocks!

I finished my first Add-a-Border 'flimsy' this weekend! Round Four charges us to make a 24" block, but I let it grow a bit since it seemed like a great baby quilt for Christmas. I really loved adding the borders for this one, it came out real sweet...

Ty thinks it is vomit BTW.

What do you think, vomit or art? 

A week of heartfelt thank you's to the wonderful online community of quilter's , (that's you baby!)

Comment here through 11/26 to enter my current drawings!


  1. What lovely blocks you made, Heidi, "back in the day." You could add some strips top and bottom to make it rectangular and then a border. No more piecing and it's a usable quilt!

  2. @Libby Smith These blocks have good memories for me, so I am still not sure I wont just hang it. Still, I'll be looking for a simple but nice solution when I audition some border fabrics, maybe it will be a very large wallhanging! Thank you Libby:-)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting! I appreciate it so much. Love your blog! Will have to add it to Mr. Feedly.

  4. Oh, boy - those hexies do look challenging to stitch all around on a line! Going to be neat, though. And I shook my head and chuckled, because the first quilt I made was in 86, and I had no clue rotary cutters existed (were they around at that time? - probably?) Queen size, all cut out by hand. . . Love your sampler. The setting you made for it is really neat with all the piano pegs for the sashing and the white stars in the intersections.

  5. I really love your Christmas Sampler! You've got some really interesting blocks Thanks for sharing!


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