Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Stash - Vintage Scores

I have two fabric giveaways ending today, Sunday the 17th at midnight, PST! See post here!

I picked up quite a few fabrics yesterday while garage sale hopping with Ty, and  I thought I would share photos with the enthusiasts at Sunday Stash, hosted this week by Lisa at Port Hope.

I know not everyone is into vintage fabric, but I love the thrill of a thrifty and unique find - especially when it relates to quilting of course!
My favorite vintage find is this large scale floral.
Pretty, but it is a poly blend, so I am unsure yet what I will do with it.
Here is another fun & very retro find,
I found two never-used sheet sets from the 70's.
I have never used sheets for quilting, but I know a lot of quilters are doing it and thought these may sell well:-)
And I found some juvenile cottons that will definitely sell well:

And some quilt fabric from two local quilter's I really enjoyed meeting, at separate sales:

Usually I avoid scrap size pieces, as they are a nuisance to launder, but several of these caught my eye, and they are of great quality, so I picked them all up;

Today I am in the mood to sew, and not up to going through my washing process with these , so they are all queued up in the laundry room. I treat vintage fabrics with one cup vinegar and 1/2 cup backing soda in the pre-soak & wash cycle, then run them through a normal cycle when that is complete. This usually works like a charm, but if they have any odor at all after this process, it is off to the thrift store they go!

Linking up with Sunday Stash, and as Molli Sparkles says,  'You should too!'
BTW, he is offering an amazing Echino giveaway today!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I have stayed away from using vintage sheets, because a lot of them are poly blends, on the other hand a lot of people use minky for a backing, which is poly fleece, is it not. I do use sheets for clothing muslins though. Thank you for linking to Sunday Stash!

  2. Awesome vintage finds! I'm jealous.


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