Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kona Color from Fat Quarter Shop

I tackled another to-do and finally purchased fabrics for two quilts I've been planning.

I need to thank y'all for your advice about selecting Kona colors! I used the Palette Builder at Playcrafts to make mosaics to use as a starting point. I can't say how many email reminders I received that items were left in my cart while I was deciding, lol, but the process took me about a week. Once I got serious with the cart, I set a goal to have the final decisions ready for Black Friday. Sure enough, I received 20% off at Fat Quarter Shop, plus loads of other goodies. We'll save those for a rainy day though, this post is all about the Kona...

First, my Husky palette (University of Washington):
Butterscotch, Bright Periwinkle, Regal, and I picked up four yards of the silver (thanks Libby!). Still need to add some black..

My Mariner's palette! This one was harder and perhaps not finalized.
I like the white better than the silver in this bundle. Otherwise, the two quilts are sharing gray's: Titanium, Graphite, and Steel.
I ordered several blues just to see them before really deciding on Midnight and Nightfall.
Ultramarine is my final 'teal'.

Only three fabrics were culled once I had them in my hands. The blue and yellow uniform, "alt 1", (are they even wearing it I wonder?) A bit of creamed corn might make a good pop, so I will consider it later, but Sunny is not a fit for me.
I really wanted to see Celestial. It is pretty.
The royal there is extra-wide. I was curious if the weight was the same as 44w, and it is..
It will work well with my Sphere leftovers I think..
Two yards of excess is not bad for online shopping I think, but I can see the color card paying for itself if I become a full-on Kona nerd!

I love Fat Quarter Shop, lol, they actually answered their phone the morning of Black Friday and patiently helped me with a gift code. I realized my mistake after we spoke, I was entering incorrectly, but how amazing to have helped me as if nothing was of more importance.

I am off for a bit of ISpy quilting this afternoon, I hope you find some quilty time too@!


  1. I have a Kona colour card, and I adore it! I am considering purchasing another one and cutting it up so I can audition colours next to each other.

  2. Kona is totally addicting!! I love my color card and have considered doing exactly what Janelle describes, though it does seem extreme to have 2!

  3. It's going to be awesome. I'm not a Kona snob....I get frustrated with how much it ravels, but I love their colors!

  4. Great selection. And lovely to hear about the great service.

  5. You've got some fun selections there. Looking forward to seeing both projects develop.

  6. It is so much fun to work with the Palette builder and you did a great job Heidi!
    Go team go!

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