Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Progress: OMG, Oh Scrap, and Quilty365

I have completed my November goal, to finish machine-quilt Panel #12. It brought me through the election, the constitutional block near the bottom-right..
One of these is from the kitchen curtain fabric I used in 1985, lol...
Oh, those Eighties,
Here is my memory still stored on a shelf:
I am still really enjoying the fabric selection process, finding things to represent daily life events.
41 more dots are required to complete my 366 blocks, and I will use those as border blocks. I have about 20 half-assembled, so I am only a bit behind:)

I have stalled completely with the big-stitch quilting though, stuck on Panel #11, right here with RSC-inspired Roses.
The last circle I quilted was here under one of the debate nights,
I have been sewing in short intervals. A little of this, and a little of that. I try to do a couple lines of quilting on my I-Spy quilt each day,
 And I trim a few of these Quilty365 centers now and then:
I do really like having the Martelli cutter, it switches the pressure points being stressed. The clasp is awkward, but I am getting used to it. Also, it is harder to keep clean since the lint gathers under the protective plastic, then suddenly poops a greasy pile on my precious.
I keep a Q-Tip nearby to catch those before they release.

Really, I have to avoid cutting though, and that means I've set aside my Kite Tails blocks. I will make one more soon, but for now all 23 are piled in their box. I have been referring to the project as BYOT; Bring Your Own Toppings.
These are indoor cell-shots, but to give you an idea of the whole!
I snapped a photo of some really good books I have been spending time with lately:
The top book was a gift from my sister a couple years ago, I highly recommend it. It is so informative, and can tell you how to deal with any odd-looking veggie you may be tempted to bring home from market, or new-to-you fruit your neighbor leaves at your doorstep. It seems to cover everything. I recently roasted green chili's, and yellow ones too, for the freezer. Those have prompted me to pull my Sante Fe cookbook.

Last week I made potion lotion, prompted by those two books in the middle.
I didn't have enough almond oil and opted for some olive oil mixed in. The almond oil is less greasy, but olive is good for dry skin and I did not want to use my yummy coconut oil since I am almost out of granola. Next, I selected these three essential oils from their descriptions in the books:
It was all pretty easy to do. I followed directions in the 2nd book, on library loan, to heat the oil, melting the beeswax, then emulsify with water. I really like the lotion, so I thought I would share this!

Thank you for catching up with me today, I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the book titles and the lotion ingredients! I love making my own soaps and lotions and stuff. Your circle quilt is amazing! XO

  2. Good progress on your circles. Love that you used fabric from the 80s.

  3. Your circles are going to be worth every stitch. They are looking great. Sorry you are unable to cut like before. I bought a fabric cutter. It was expensive but my hands are not as sore. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Something must have been in the air today because my arthritis was more evident than usual. Maybe I need to try some of your remedies. I have not been able to adapt to the Martelli cutter.

  5. Your circles quilt is always so beautiful, but you worked much more as me. I wanted to QAYG and ...not yet started.

  6. Lovely circles, and how wonderful that you had your 80s fabric to include.

  7. Lovely to see the stitching on your circles!

  8. LOVE those scrappy Kite Tail blocks!!!

  9. You've been busy. Even just a little progress makes a big difference over time. Hope you have more time to work in some stitching.

  10. Good progress is being made on many projects. Nice work.

  11. A lot of projects happening together. great idea to work a little at a time. The dots are looking wonderful. Not far from the finish line now!

  12. The circles quilt is a work of patience and love. Good going, slow is best. Did the olive oil make the lotion smell stronger?

  13. It's good to see that you are making lovely progress and keeping your sense of humor despite it all Heidi. I burst out laughing when I got to the part about the cutter pooping on your precious. :)
    I love how your circles are a memory album!

  14. Your circles look so lovely sewn together, I like the look of you quilting it sure suits these circles. What a wonderful challenge this has been I loved every bit of time working with them. I hope to see your quilt finished in 2017. Cheers Glenda

  15. Yes...I too enjoyed watching your circle progress this year! CONGRATS!

  16. I really like your post good blog on site,Thanks for your sharing.



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