Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quilt Las Vegas Pictures & Orphan Adoption Winner!

I went to the Quilt Las Vegas show on Saturday, and guess what?
This time I took pictures!
They're the point-and-shoot type, but hey, I'm not above sharing them here ;) 
When it comes to viewing quilts, we are not too finicky, right?

First, let's congratulate Diane B., whose name was drawn randomly from comments regarding the Orphan Adoption! With the help of Diane's sewing group, the baby quilt (kit) that she won, should be done in a jiffy! A win all-around! Thank you Cynthia, for this wonderful event!

Quilt Las Vegas shows about 300 quilts each year, at the Henderson Convention Center about 15 miles from The Strip.
The theme of the show this year was "Reflections". 
This beauty took First Place in that division:
 Downton Abbey Inspired, by Lauren English, 65" x 90"

Creative and fun, and obviously the judges loved it:)
The next quilt is my favorite in this category. It is a different interpretation of the theme:
Panna Jane, by Cindy Nickerson, 60" x 60". Designed by the quilter as a reflection of her own, late mother. I admire the workmanship, was touched when reading that her own daughter helped in the design process by actually drawing the blocks, I love the use of her own, beautifully-dyed wools, and Cindy's work was impeccable. The quilting, by Andrea Marquez, is of perfect design too.

I've really enjoyed the Inspirational Sundays series at Quilter in the Closet lately, have you caught any of them? Jen has been featuring QuiltCon pictures, by category. I thought I would break my photos up in a similar, yet smaller-scale way (since I don't have all that many!). 
The plan is to finish sorting and share a few more quilts next week!


If you enjoy viewing quilt show pictures, Jen does a great job! Check out Inspirational Sundays.


  1. That sounds like it was a wonderful show Heidi!
    Congratulations to Diane too!

  2. Beautiful quilts with very different interpretations.


Thank you for sharing your comments!

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