Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Topper Quilt Along, Mystery or Not?

I am game to create a quick Christmas Quilty, with weekly assignments led by Carole of From My Carolina Home.
Carole is running a poll this week and will announce on Friday whether this is a mystery, or reveal the design to us along with Step Two of the Quilt Along.
Since I love the suspense, I went ahead and selected my four fabrics and made their cuts.
Done! Decisions made. Irreversible, regardless of the poll results!!

I have several more things to share today!

October was busy busy with visits from both our parents. Spring and Fall are the best times of year in Southern Nevada, and we look forward to company, and sitting outside for dinner.

Perhaps I risk exposing my ignorance, but I learned two new things from my DFIL last month:

1. The gas gage in most cars is located on the dash, on the same side of the steering wheel that the tank access is. (Am I the only one who has never noticed this? How handy when driving a rental, right?)

2. The song Vincent (Starry Starry Night), by Don McLean was written about Van Gogh! Here is a 4min clip with lyrics set to his artwork..

Best October ever!
My sister stayed for five nights! Here we are at Hoover Dam taking selfies...
It went by so fast, but it did give me the time I needed to hook her into quilting!
That's right, JULIE IS A QUILTER!
I didn't give her time to make decisions - I just gave her squares leftover from a mini I made early this year (see Traditional Sunrise). She learned to make HST's, piece and square them; she arranged them in every way imaginable (that's when I knew she was hooked, haha!), and finally decided on this layout.
She is free-motion quilting!
The binding was attached mere minutes before we left for her flight, and she took it home to complete by hand:)


  1. Great fabrics for your quit along. How great you've got your sister into quilting. I can't believe how much she got done while she was with you.
    I knew about the Don Maclean song but I didn't know about the fuel gauge. I wonder if it's the sane over here. I'll have to check the car and hubby's van as the fuel cap are on opposite sides.

  2. Wow, such fun to get your sister into quilting. I have a sister I'd like to teach but at this point in her life she doesn't have time for it. Or hasn't decided to make time for it. Interesting about the fuel gauge thing. That may be the norm, but it's not that way on my Buick. Of course my husband & I think there are some oddities about this car, like the high beam indicator is green instead of blue. Only car I've ever had that isn't blue for high beams. We think some automotive engineers tried to be a little too creative.

  3. Lovely to family come to stay. And teach one to quilt!
    On the dash of our cars there is an arrow next to the gauge that points to the side where the tank is.

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  5. Oh, what fun for the two of you!

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely time and your sister's quilt looks great :)

  7. Whoa! I did not know that about either the fuel gauge *or* that cool song. Thanks for the super interesting tidbits.

  8. Love your fabrics for this QA! Have fun with it. :)

  9. Well done getting sister hooked - why did it take so long? I never knew that about the gag gauge - I'll have to check on mine!


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