Thursday, November 5, 2015

BBD Kaleidoscope, Throwback Thursday

With thanks to Throwback Thursday, we get to share with the world our Before-Blogging-Day Quilts!

Today's quilt was made in 2003BBD!
I figure if you are a fan of BBD quilts, you probably admire BBD photographs as well.
Bear with me Dear Readers, these snapshots are shaky, shady, and, well, shi--y...
Today I thought I would share the quilt behind my avatar, a green kaleidoscope I finished and gifted to a dear friend before I moved away from Eastern Washington. Parting with Cindy made me sorrowful and this quilt helped me express my love for her. She chose the green and rustic colors for her Priest Lake cabin, in Idaho.
I cut strips of fabric and used a template to cut the patchwork. I think they are 8" blocks, but perhaps 10". I was current enough then to have a digital camera, & photos helped with layout decisions.

I'd just begun experimenting with free-motion quilting at this time, and only on small baby quilts. Most of my quilts prior to this were quilted straight-line, with a walking foot. I remember being quite nervous, but I just went for it, quilting large spirals.
Neither Kitty or I had gray hairs then...
Mister Cat passed away a couple years ago and we sure miss him.
I wish I had a better pic of the label! I was still hand stitching letters on muslin as my standard label. It reads, "Made by Heidi, with Love and Gratitude for Cindy"

Do you have any BBD quilts?
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  1. Beautiful job! It's nice to revisit those oldie, but goodie quilts. Your kitty looks like a sweetheart. Hope you find another friend to love soon.

  2. Looks like it took a lot of thought and planning, but it worked!

  3. Those spirals are perfect for it!

  4. It looks like it was a lot of work and is quite lovely. All my photos from pre-digital camera days are in storage.

  5. I hear what you're saying about the Before Blogging Days and the photography that sufficed before we were bloggers! At least you had some digital pics of this one. I've taken to doing new photoshoots of my old quilts for TBT. I love the quilting on your Kaleidoscope. Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  6. Ugh! I wish I would remember about Throw Back Thursdays! I have several quilts from older days that I need to record. I also want to record the quilts I have that my grandmother and cousin made me. Your kaleidoscope quilt is nice! The colors are perfect for this time of year - it works for a Fall woodsy feel as well as a Christmas holidays feel. Great quilting for it.

  7. I do like this pattern. very nice!

  8. It is a lovely quilt. It is interesting to look back at the quilts over the years to see how our tastes in colours and patterns have changed and our skills have developed.

  9. Well, unfortunately I blog all the time and my photos still stink - not my forte at all. But I like this piece - the play of light and dark is really nice. Looks like you've had some great skills for some time!


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