Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday, Checking in with Donna's Stars

I am making progress on Donna's Star Quilt! I took this shadowy-shot late last night. I actually wish I had not used bubbles in these squares - I thought they would go well since my swirl pattern elsewhere on the quilt also has bubbles. But now the littlest star points are a bit lost.
Too late now.
Live and learn;)

Not sure I will meet the finish goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes, but I did finish all four of the large, center squares! I think there are three more little squares, then all around the border yet to do.
Oh, and a binding.
FMQ is very slow-goings...
Oh, and a ton of bobbins - I wish I had kept count. Each large square took one full bobbin. That means a lot of time cleaning the machine.

With both of my machines, I stop and clean after each and every bobbin. The Juki has an additional door/access underneath that my old Bernina does not have. I don't clean that part every time, but did last night. You have to tip the whole machine forward and open the door, then all kinds of lint can be found. What surprised me though, was the oil that had run down the right-hand foot, quite a messy little puddle of it. The Bernina does not require as much oil the Juki does - I drop at each spot with just about every bobbin change on Mr. Juki. It seems excessive compared to the recommendations of the Bernina. Now I am a bit curious about maintenance of other machines...


  1. Oh, I love it! The bubbles are perfect.

  2. Your quilting is incredible, Heidi! So worth all that cleaning and bobbin winding. Looks fabulous!

  3. Lot's of thread in that square. I use a paint brush to clear out the lint. My Aurifil isn't as linty as the thread I was using. Keep on stitching!

  4. I love the bubbles w/the star and agree with Heather, "its going to be stunning".

  5. I think your quilting is fabulous!

  6. The quilting looks terrific Heidi! Now if there was only a way to have giant bobbins.
    You asked about machine maintenance. My dealer told me that I should Not oil my Janome 7700. It sure seems crazy to me not to periodically oil a sewing machine, even though I take it to him once a year. I do clean the lint out too - but only after each project.
    My vintage sewing machines are a so much easier to understand.


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