Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's a Sister Swap REVEAL Linkup!

Sister Swap 2014 is all wrapped up and it is time now for all the reveals! Michele, our Big Sis, TaskMaster, and LeadSwapGuru, has provided a linkup where we can share our creations as well as those we received. Please visit Quilts from My Crayon Box to view all the sisterly gifts!

Quilts From My Crayon Box

I was pretty darn excited when I received the package of lovelies sent to me by Heather! Right off, I began taking pictures so I could showoff the pretties ASAP and let Heather know how much this meant to me. These were all in the package I received:
Simply stunning, right? Heather referred to the quilt as a mugrug, but it is pretty big! It is hung in my sewing room now as a mini. I filled the jar with buttons, but just read on Heather's blog that this mason jar makes a great drinking glass, and I do see now how wonderfully lemonade would taste from it! I saw that she provided a tutorial link so we can make Mason Jar Cozies too :-) 

And now for my handmade reveal!
For my assigned sister, I spent several weeks in stalking mode, learning about Kathy from Kwilty Pleasures. I was pleased to find that Kathy is a very active blogger, which made things easier:-) At first, I was torn between something for her Irish Bar or something fun for her Green Thumb. Both ideas soon lost out though when I realized she would receive her gift at the beginning of football season, an important time of year in Kathy's home...

The Buckeye's Fan Carryall commenced!

My idea for the bag was inspired by a picture/link from Kathy's awesome Pinterest Board: 
Lightening Zigzags Tutorial by Jenn of all Trades !

For quicker piecing, I joined 1 3/8" strips with 2 1/2" background strips. (I later made note that a 27" strip unit made approx. 10 blocks). I made the first angle cut after lining the strip set up on the mat, and aligning my ruler 1" apart diagonally.
If that does not quite make sense, looky here at these studio-at-night-shots:
Angle established with 1" incline
Units cut 2.5" apart, on parallel line
Cut to square off small patch first, a perpendicular cut starting 1/2" to the right of the top seam
2.5" squares, in stacks on the right. I think I was taking these to watch TV in the LR
I pieced together two panels, then attached the bottom sections so I could machine quilt those before I big-stitch quilted the patchwork. (yes, more TV time!)
The bottom section has stiffer interfacings, and channel quilting.
At this point I kind of wished I'd used a lighter background gray for better contrast since my big-stitching was not standing out real well, but the color does seem very Buckeye to me still. I pulled from my stash for the lining and the bottom: Pen & Ink by P&B Textiles.
Added a few pockets and a simple cardboard bottom...
Then I made sure to test it's ability to tote a quilt!
Ty's Z Quilt fit easily, with room for another ;-) 
I super-enjoyed this swap and plan to participate again next year!
Thank you Michele, you are the best!


  1. My tote back is simply PERFECT. It looks much better than the BUCKEYES did on the field last nite. However....I love them both. Thank you Heidi for such a wonderful gift and thanks for the tut!

  2. It really was the perfect idea for Kathy and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the swap.

  3. Very smart idea to check out her Pinterest link, people certainly love the things they pin!!! It looks awesome :)

  4. That tote bag is amazing! And Kathy is kuite easy to stalk. (Okay, that looks way cooler when she does it.) And your received gifts are lovely as well!


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