Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Surprised by my New Sister - Swap Package Received!!

Just as I was packaging the gifty creation for my Secret Sister, the postman rang my doorbell with a surprise for me! What great timing!
Heather, from A Reformed Heath'n, has been stalking me this summer!
When I opened the Mini, and caught my breath, I was really surprised because it resembles my business card a bit, except much better. But, I thought, has she ever seen my card? Then I thought about the Aurifil BOM I have been doing in this color combo, as well as this months' AYOLF goal. I love the colors, but really had not realized I have been favoring them like I have.
 Funny, right?

The Canning Jar Cozy, as I have named it, was actually the first thing I opened and fondled, and I immediately welled up a bit. I have never received such a nice package like this, and it felt a bit emotional. I really love it and want to make some of these! Heather quilted it with swirls all around, and it fits perfectly snug but still slides off for washing.
Other goodies were stashed inside: a super-cute pattern, a bracelet made for a quilter (that reminds me of some really great years!), and I think the metal magnet box is for needles??
I twice remember tearing up when packing a quilty surprise for the mail. In May I sent SEW STAUNCH! as a surprise mini, in honor of the late Kathreen Ricketson. Then in June I finished a 30 year-old orphan block found at a yard sale, and returned it to it's maker. Both instances, I was quite compelled, and then excited to mail them!

'It's a Sister Thing's Secret Pal Swap' has been really fun!
The Swap is the brainchild of Michele at Quilts From My Crayon Box and we Sister's have her to thank for hooking us all up!


  1. What a fabulous package! That mini is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow, that's a fab collection of goodies!

  3. Wow! It is all really fabulous. I'd love to have that mini myself. I'm glad you've had fun with this swap and I can't see what you created for your sister.

    I've got another little fun swap-ish thing up my sleeve so keep watching.

  4. That mini is super gorgeous. What a lovely set of goodies.


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