Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flight Plan!

Pretty, eh?
It looks so simple to me now, all bundled brightly on the screen, but I actually spent a considerable amount of time in March, choosing the 32 fabrics and cutting one strip from each. I don't have the three yards background fabric required, so I have set this project aside already.
Actually, I almost forgot about it until this morning when I realized it is the perfect project to share with the NewFO Linkup Barbara hosts at Cat Patches!

I selected a pattern to follow that I found in American Patchwork & Quilting (December 2013). It is called Flight Plan, designed by Kimberly Einmo.
Photo borrowed from Robert Kaufman site!

I have toyed around for years with batik fabrics for my Mother-in-Law. She actually bought the first bit of my batik stash while we were out shopping together. Stored away, I have loads of blocks that were intended for a quilt for her, and I figure this is a good time to share old snapshots and introduce one of the many, not-yet-released UFO's in my hangar:

These blocks are made with fabrics she initially chose.

The more blocks I made, the more it just did not feel like the right quilt for Donna. I think I was leaning toward a natural, desert-like tone utilizing all the oranges she was attracted to. But Mom likes lots of brights, and this was getting too dull.
I snapped photos with different layouts,

But none were just right.
I was disappointed when I tried culling the cool blocks,

But I did like playing with those blocks I had pulled,

Someday I will pull all these back out and figure out who and what they are really meant for!

For now, I am so pleased I have decisions made and (almost) ready-to-roll with a Flight Plan for Mom!


  1. You're right darling daughter....I love the brights & Flight Plan is perfect to show them off. Good choice dear one.
    I am so excited!!!

  2. Flight Plan in the brights is going to be an awesome quilt.

  3. That roll of strips looks like a great quilt in the making. Have fun.

  4. Stunning! I remember seeing Flight Plan in the magazine, but the colors you have picked out will really make it fly. Happy Quilting!

  5. a neutral Background is fun to use with lots of colors. Have fun with making your "Flight Plan".

  6. Gorgeous fabrics. Those brights are really going to be cute.

  7. HI!!!! The Bright Flight Plan will be awesome!!!! Love your other creations too!!!! Thank You

  8. What a beautiful thing!!!.
    I love the fabric.


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