Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Work is Progressing

Scrappy Carpenter's Square II completed this week!
114 pieces for a 12" block! 
Oh how I Love to slip a bit of my favorite vintage prints in with current fabrics ;-)
I was giving this cutie a final press, and thought of Hydee at Splish Splash Stash. She wrote an interesting post last week about the now-common practice of pressing seams open when piecing..
I have found I am much more accurate lining up intersections when I press to the side and nestle seams as I have always done. And I like that after pressing to the side, the seam intersections are then visible , making it easier to avoid cutting off points when joining rows. I do think that our wise old-timers are also onto something when they tell us that the seam will be less stressed when the thread is protected by a seam that is not exposed by being pressed open. However, as you can see in my photo, I do still press seams open when I join rows with lots of pieces.
 I make sure to use a bit tighter stitching when joining rows that will be pressed open, and I avoid quilting in the ditch on these seams as well. There will be a few short segments of the open rows that will be in the ditch for this block, but I will stay just off the actual seam line. This will be a larger set of pillows quilted in a similar pattern as the set I made for my Scrappy Carpenter Block Tutorial.
Saturday is coming up fast and I am busy preparing items to sell at SewMarketStreet, a bit of a parking lot sale hosted by my LQS. I think I may be over-preparing, however anything I bring home again can then be posted on Etsy the next week. I made seven more sets of Scrappy Carpenter II Pillow Kits. And if they still don't sell at Etsy, I will be 'stuck' with enough squares cut & ready for a full size quilt- it's a win/win!
Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday, and looking forward to visiting other quilter's goings-on!


  1. Wow....gorgeous block. I do better with my seams open....;)

  2. I love that pattern! I am going to go find your Etsy shop right now!!

    (I found you at Lee's linkup, and am following your blog now)

  3. Pretty! I'm still newbie when it comes to which way to press my seams. I'm currently trying out the open option.


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