Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Label for Madeleine

A bit overdue, and well worth the wait, baby Madeleine was born July 18th!
I promptly pulled out her A Shower For Madeleine and began embroidering her 'label' along the backside of the binding.
I have a bit to learn about embroidery (!), so I did have to rip out my first attempt. This is looking better with only one strand of floss. Her full name is long, & I will add the DOB, Made with Love (of course), and I get to sign it with the title 'Grandaunt'. I wasn't certain my correct relation and called my mom, who has a genealogy passion, and she cleared it up for me. This adorable little girl is my nephew's first baby:-)  I think the label will run about 18" when complete.

Today is my husband's birthday. Not that it snuck up on me or anything, but last night I pulled out some fabric for a quilt. For this project, I will need more black on white, maybe a bit of blue on white, and more white on blue.

Some of these I have saved over the years, with Ty in mind. And I tore into a Reunion Cake for some of those. I have been collecting various reds for some time now for a red and white quilt. I recently swapped 10" scrap lots with Astrid, who blogs at Red, Red, Completely Red . With a name like that, I thought she may have some fun stash to swap, and she did not disappoint!

From Astrid's Stash to Mine!
From my Stash to Astrid's!
 Last night, I explained to Ty that I do not have a gift. He likely thought I was kidding (he loves gifts, and I try not to disappoint!), until I pulled him into my sewing room, and showed him his new quilt.
I showed him the picture I was inspired by, with a zigzag type of pattern I had in mind, from and old issue of Miniature Quilts Magazine.
I detected the slightest hmph, and my pulse quickened. This is far from the Mondrian Quilt we have talked about so much over the years. So I whipped up a quick layout on EQ6, and he tweeked the design in a more Ty-like fashion.
Before bed, we talked about changing one column color, so this morning I colored in some options, this being my favorite:
I should be able to spend some time on this tomorrow. Today is All-About-Ty-Day :-)
We are excited his sister and husband are in Vegas, visiting from Alaska.

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday:-)


  1. Love the new pattern. So fresh and modern with a hint of tradition.

  2. What an original layout! and congrats for baby Madeleine.

  3. Wow, I wish I had an imagination like yours. You just changed something that risked turning out daggy and boring into something very modern and cool. Amazing. I love it.

  4. Ver cute embroidery. Congrats! The new quilt has a wonderful layout. Will be stunning.

  5. oh! Cool new project to work on. I really love the ad-lib design!

  6. Love the design! How cool that your hubby got involved :).


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