Monday, February 1, 2016

OMG: One Monthly Goal Linkup - Time for February Goals!

What single goal have you chosen for February?
I have selected another UFO from my Q1 list of hopefuls.
was calling it Summer Gathering, but that was actually in the summer, when I created the flimsy.
Today it is looking more like a Springtime quilt to me!                               
Does it look familiar to you? I set it aside last summer and made Winter in Bloom, my first finish in this design. I did go back and piece in those outer rows, but then I decided to add one more round of white squares. Apparently I wasn't actually in the mood for more squares at the time though, so I am ready to tackle it now.

The one single goal I hope to complete is to have the extra squares installed, and the flimsy basted into a sandwich that is ready for quilting. I may have other goals this month, but since we are only allowed one for this linkup, this is the one! I like to choose an 'extra' for my goal, something I started doing for ALYoF a year or two ago, usually selecting a project that I would not be focusing on were it not for the linkup!

And that is my one quilty goal, how bout yours?

To aid in enticement, I have created a custom bundle as February's fabric giveaway:
A bit tough selecting bundles that will appeal to everyone, but I sure enjoy putting them together! These are 1/4 Yard cuts, the various prints are described in an Etsy Listing HERE.

This month we have TWO giveaways for the drawing! Bagmaker Supply has offered one lucky participant a $20.00 coupon code for their shop! (good toward a minimum $22. purchase)

Please visit Bagmaker Supply and click a few favorites to show our appreciation! They offer a lot of hardware that is hard to find, and that I am anxious to try!
This screenshot shows 8 of their 1,000 listings:

Time to Linkup!
 For complete rules, please see the OMG main page.


  1. I didn't quilt get Januaray's OMG into a finished quilt but the top is together and it's all ready for basting so I'm linking up again with another pile of blocks that needs to get made into a quilt top (at least)

  2. It is February already! I better decide what my OMG will be!

  3. That's a lot of squares! Good luck with your February goal.

  4. Love the bundle you put together. Thank you so much for hosting this and keeping me motivated to get projects done!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the variety of colors (tones/tints) within the lights and brighter areas. It creates so much interest and lots to look at. Wish I could see it in person! Thanks for hosting this link-up. It helps me push myself a little.
    Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  6. Thanks for the push it's just what I need to get things done!

  7. Summer Gatherings (or spring, LOL) is the quilt through which we became friends Heidi! It will be great to see it once you finish! Thanks for the party!

  8. Good luck with your goal and thank you for hosting!

  9. Your quilting goal for this month is really beautiful. Very nice prize this month as well.

  10. That is going to be a lovely quilt--can't wait to see the finish! Thanks so much for the link-up--keeps me on task!

  11. I am re-linking my January fail :-( -- but thanks for keeping me on track because I did make progress on it and I'm pretty certain I'll git 'er done this month.

  12. I'm enjoying this thank you Heidi. Your goal quilt for this month is gorgeous! Here's to a good month for all of us!!

  13. Your goal quilt is stunning! I look forward to seeing your finish, Heidi. Thanks for keeping up this new challenge.

  14. Quite of lot of link ups -- that's great! Your quilt looks great. Can't wait to see the top all pieced together.


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