Tuesday, February 2, 2016

And the Winner is...

Congratulations to everyone who completed anything in January, and especially to all those who came back to linkup and celebrate!
Of the original 86 goalsetting link-ers , 69 of us linked up with finishes!
Nearly 80%! 
Plus, one or two who actually finished, but did not get linked up. OH NO,
I hate it when that happens. ZONK!
OK, it is still a win of course. Personal victory and all that. And most of us are young enough to pat our own backs following any lost opportunity to show off finishes.
tsk tsk
shame shame
Just remember, "you be slackin', party favors be lackin'"

The winner of the prized Valentine's Fabric Roll, by random drawing:
#36, Paige, from Quilted Blooms. 
Congratulations Paige!

Paige finished this beautiful baby quilt, Sundae Plus.
Plus is right!
Visit Paige at Quilted Blooms to say Hi, and checkout the backside of this quilt, it is definitely a two-sided Sundae!

Thank you to everyone!
I truly enjoy having fun with everyone, and discovering so much talent and creativity at the first OMG: It's Finished party!

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Quilty 365 Linkup - Daily Dots 36-63

Dot 36 was made February 4th, the day I launch the new linkup OMG: One Monthly Goal. The blue kitten block was made in honor of Maggie, the newest member of Three Cats Ranch. I added another cat block as I envision Barbara reporting soon that Smitty and Maggie are playing together. Well, hopefully soon...

I had to make a few blocks ahead, in order to sandwich this flimsy to work on during an upcoming trip to Seattle. The panel takes me through the 31st. I made the red rain drop and the house dots thinking of Seattle. Unfortunately, the water dot now symbolizes the day our toilet ran. And ran. And ran some more.  I awoke at 5:30AM to a swamp in our house, a mess we are still working to dry out. Oh Lordy, what a mess. Perhaps I won't be tempted to do dots ahead of time again.
Anyway, this is sandwiched now and ready for a bit of big-stitch quilting, and I am just about ready to leave this soggy home behind for a couple days... 

Almost every dot has some sort of story and I am recording them on the backside of the quilt. I made scissors the day Ty and I went for haircuts. Let's see, the upper-right dot is to commemorate the finish of Primarily Circles. Citrus dots for all the lemons and oodles of grapefruit I have been squeezing since the Snowbird's have all been visiting.

Freezing lemon juice in ice cube trays and sipping Salty Dogs.
A Blue Dahlia for Jan. RSC Challenge.
I found the fairy tale print in my vintage stash the day I finished reading The Wild One, by Kate Forsyth, a book about The Grimm Brothers.
Dragonflies for Terri's Birthday.

And a dot for my first OMG sponsor, Bag Maker Supply!
I will be checking out progress with other Quilty 365er's at the February Linkup!

This is the most fun I have had with a project in a long time!!

Link to view Panel #1, Dots 1-35

OMG: One Monthly Goal Linkup - Time for February Goals!

What single goal have you chosen for February?
I have selected another UFO from my Q1 list of hopefuls.
was calling it Summer Gathering, but that was actually in the summer, when I created the flimsy.
Today it is looking more like a Springtime quilt to me!                               
Does it look familiar to you? I set it aside last summer and made Winter in Bloom, my first finish in this design. I did go back and piece in those outer rows, but then I decided to add one more round of white squares. Apparently I wasn't actually in the mood for more squares at the time though, so I am ready to tackle it now.

The one single goal I hope to complete is to have the extra squares installed, and the flimsy basted into a sandwich that is ready for quilting. I may have other goals this month, but since we are only allowed one for this linkup, this is the one! I like to choose an 'extra' for my goal, something I started doing for ALYoF a year or two ago, usually selecting a project that I would not be focusing on were it not for the linkup!

And that is my one quilty goal, how bout yours?

To aid in enticement, I have created a custom bundle as February's fabric giveaway:
A bit tough selecting bundles that will appeal to everyone, but I sure enjoy putting them together! These are 1/4 Yard cuts, the various prints are described in an Etsy Listing HERE.

This month we have TWO giveaways for the drawing! Bagmaker Supply has offered one lucky participant a $20.00 coupon code for their shop! (good toward a minimum $22. purchase)

Please visit Bagmaker Supply and click a few favorites to show our appreciation! They offer a lot of hardware that is hard to find, and that I am anxious to try!
This screenshot shows 8 of their 1,000 listings:

Time to Linkup!
 For complete rules, please see the OMG main page.

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