Friday, June 26, 2015

One Sketchy Bee - another Quilted Book Jacket Finished!

A quilty finish is always a thrill, but especially exciting when it is meant to surprise someone!
One Sketchy Bee
A quilty surprise for Lara from BuzzinBumble!
I knew this one would come as a shock & I couldn't wrap it fast enough once I finished!

Initially inspired by the little bee pattern, by Diane Fortune, found published in the book Love Embroidery (Amazon link - non affiliate). The stitch is a new one for me, called Roumanian Stitch.
This is my third quilted book cover, but because I wasn't really sure what I was making when I began, it came up a bit small. No worries, that's what scissors are for ;)
I was swearin sweatin a bit, but trimming the cover page did the trick. whew.

Because I have enjoyed 'meeting' Lara so much, I reached in the pool room for a bit of a fave print from Kokka.
Ahh, sweet homemade space.
It is a hot one here today folks - 100 degrees before 10AM, and a bit of smoke hovering over Vegas from California fires. My shutters are closed, fans are on, no ironing and no laundry allowed(grin).
I am looking forward to a weekend 'home-cation'!
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cozy Afternoon Blog Hop Winner Announced!

What great response from reader's of the BOM reveal last week! Thank you all for the wonderful comments, and for sharing your own experiences using colors on fabric. I did a LOT of coloring as a child, so it was pretty fun picking them up again!  Many of the comments were left by readers who were visiting for their first time and I really enjoyed visiting some new-to-me blogs as a result!

The winner drawn for Jacquelynne's pattern bundle is Debby, who blogs at Determined Debby - Congratulations Debby!

I must admit, I do love it when the winner drawn for a giveaway turns out to be a blogger as well! Certainly not a requirement, more of a bonus and a fun surprise when I am led to a new blog:-)

Regarding coloring on fabric, I stumbled upon an interesting set of pens this week at a thrift shop:
I made a sampling of the colors on muslin and ran it through with normal laundry. There was no bleeding and I did not use freezer paper. Many of the colors were not as colorful as I hoped as I wrote with them (nothing bright about that Bright Blue!), however most of them did stay true through the washing, and I can see these will be fun to use for labels.
The unfortunate part is that the product does not seem to be available any longer. In fact, I suspect that these pens are 25 years old. The fact that they are working this well makes them all the more desirable to me. Made by Evanscraft, these are meant for "stitch-less cross stitch". Seems a big oxymoron to me! Were they marketed today as 'quilt labeling markers', I think Evanscraft would have a hot seller!
Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop for Cozy Afternoon! New blocks are popping up on the Pinterest Board Jacquelynne has curated: Cozy Afternoon Free BOM

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two Christmas Mini's Finished!

Celtic Thistle's Ho!Ho!Ho! is hosted this month at Charly & Ben's Crafty Corner!
Any Christmas project qualifies to link up. It can have a Christmas theme, or a handmade item intended as a Christmas gift. I have enjoyed the gift ideas found with this monthly linkup:-)
12" & 13" Table Mats
I love to try new techniques with small projects, and decided to play with wool batting, as well as one layer of cotton. The texture when quilted is just wonderful, especially for mini's!
The red one sports a hand-finished binding, and the green one has machine-stitched finished, since the stitch lines just blend in with the quilting:)
When I first made the blocks, I intended to make a quick set of potholders as a Thank You gift. I followed Jacquelynne Steve's Quilted Potholders Tutorial. I liked my blocks so well though, I decided to make mini's instead. This way I have two gifts!
I detest marking quilts for FMQ and only scored the centerlines for these. I do not own a fancy herra marker! It is on my wishlist, but for now I use my little metal scale - very carefully!
I wish I had made a dot in the center of these, but otherwise I am happy with my progress with this type of quilting design.
The holly fabric may be my all-time favorite of all Jacquelynne Steve's prints - it is from "Joy.Love.Peace.Noel". I thought I would use it in my Christmas version of her current Quilt Along, Cozy Afternoon, but instead I kept it for selfish sewing, and for these little gifts:) The prints from her lines often play well together. The red is from "Oh Holy Night", and I pulled the sweet, low volume text print from my stash, it is Minick & Simpson "Christmas Past".

You may be wondering when my Christmas-sewing-binge will end, and to be honest, so do I! I figure, just go for it! It will make for a fun holiday this year, especially if I decide to finish the two holiday flimsies I have hanging with other UFO's. The downside is that I have not yet touched the quilt that is set as this month's ALYOF goal. hmph.

Linking up today with Ho!Ho!Ho!, as well as Friday Finish links - buttons found on sidebar.
TGIFF is hosted today by Jen, my favorite Closet Quilter :-)
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