Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Vintage MIX for Le Challenge!

My vintage lightweights have attracted me lately. Many of them I have hoarded for some time now without purpose. I find them so cute.  This month I decided to MIX the new with the old to create fresh, yet traditional patchwork.
I have a few of these in my kitchen. One serves as a dish mat on the counter, but they're also fun under a fruit bowl.
Or, perhaps under a bowl of Trick-or-Treat candy.
This one mixes a couple of my favorite vintage pieces, plus a bit of oop Flea Market Fancy and the Spoons are Lizzy Dish by Andover. Can you see the squirrels and foxes in the white print?
A fun Fall set for my shop, right?

Living in a hot climate, I appreciate quilts made with lightweight fabric!
And light batting too! Prior to desert life, I wondered who would bother making a quilt without ANY batting? Just nutty, right? My current sofa quilt has no batting. I love all the old 'yucky' fabrics in it, and it is backed with a sheet and tied. Ha! I did not make it, but I just might make an empty sandwich of my own someday. Probably won't back it with a sheet, but who's to say...

I do LOVE to use vintage fabrics, however I am quite particular about the projects for which they are suited. Who wants to spend time on intricate patchwork for a quilt that will not last well?

I hope you enjoyed my Patchwork MIX! Check out Le Challenge Linkup, and consider making something for the November X-Challenge!

Linking as well with Leanne's Scraptastic Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September Goal ALYoF

Working on one thing at a time has become a far-fetched dream lately!
Sometimes my fantasies include a studio design space separate from the construction area(s!). All 'other' projects kept out of sight and out of mind! And the fabric especially distracts me, I try not to look at it, but it ropes me in on a daily basis.
Almost like a dream, I have to wake myself up, set aside yet another little pile of fabrics I have been pulling together, and get back to work.
A recent pull mixing vintage, linen, solid, modern and oop cottons. If only we could make them as fast as envisioning them!

My goal finish this month is to finish a flimsy that is currently hanging on the back of my sewing room door. I whipped it together last week while 'thinning' fabrics. Often the fabric I pull to de-stash is just not what I want to sell online, and somehow I rope myself into 'saving' it! In this case, I envisioned a fun, lightweight baby quilt with traditional patchwork and primary colors.
Primarily Gingham Baby Quilt!

I will choose a backing, thin batting and have this quilted by the end of the month! If I am real good, and stay focused, I may even have a binding attached!

Linking up with Fiber of all Sorts ALYoF October Goal Setting Party (73)!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One Goal Met in September

I finished this top just in time to catch a picture before nightfall tonight. I have had quilting hiccups this month, and right now I am just thrilled to have met my AYOLF goal (44) in the nick of time.

I have mixed feelings about the quilt itself. Sometimes improv-style designing works really well for me, but I still have some sort of idea of what I am making and how it will all tie together. In this case however, I chose to follow a pattern in order to save time and make a quick Christmas quilt. I finished the blocks and wasn't really feelin the results...

I spent oodles of time arranging the blocks in different ways.
In the end I starched them all up and cut them on the diagonal. This 'quick' project was becoming an improv project, taking up my time, and really getting on my nerves!

Aiming to avoid spending any money on this quilt, I shopped my stash looking for background fabric. I wanted a bit of a vintage vibe. I liked the gray with it (DS on the right), but did not have enough and thought how cool this would have been with a newsprint fabric. Then I envisioned a bubble-gum ticking, but my pinks weren't right. I almost broke down and went to my LQS. I have a lot of fabric though, and it seemed silly to spend money on a project that I was not loving. I settled with the red stripe after calculating that I had just about EXACTLY the amount needed. (Actually, I ran out and a couple areas are patched in with the stripes the wrong direction).

Hopefully quilting will go more smoothly, and will help with it's contrast issues. For now, this is shelved for a bit while I pick up something else!

So that is my big share, my NewFO Project for September, as well as a goal achieved!

Without A Year of Lovely Finishes Monthly Link up, it is unlikely this top would have come to be!

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