Monday, June 27, 2016

A Hint of Lime, Please

Rainbow Scrap Challenge took us oceanside with soothing sea colors in June! This was nice to imagine while stitching away, even though I am panting in the desert.
My adventures took me tropical, and a couple of fairly bright blocks resulted!
This next one represents the shoreline at dusk
That's two more Kite Tails! finished: 12 total now. July will be time to decide if I want to continue to make these slant in the same direction, or if I want to make the next 12 swing to the left.

I also finished another Courthouse block!
Ms. Henny is running from the waves rushing in, one of my favorite beach activities.
Although I love each of the six blocks I have completed so far, I am not sure I like how they look together. I will need to consider setting options when I have a couple more to play with.

This week I have planned a bit of blogger-catch-up and I am really looking forward to the time visiting!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

OMG It's Finished: June Finishes Linkup!

Summer is in full swing here in Southern Nevada! It is hot and life is busy, but I was really motivated to conquer my June goal and I look forward to sharing that here in the next week. Just need some pictures!

I went a bit nuts making heart blocks for the #quiltsforpulse drive organized by The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. I was so grateful to see the drive organized. I chose to do a night and day version of the blocks, made from a tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew.
Quite a few favorite fabrics are included in there. Once I began, I just couldn't stop!

Time to link up and celebrate with your quilty achievement for June! Thank you all for sharing here, and taking some time to visit one another. I am looking forward to reading about your projects!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wanta Fanta, A Quilted Pillow

My sister is celebrating her birthday today!

Can you tell that she is amazing? 
Yep, she is tough, and strong, and brave. Cute, and super-smart too!
She's always been practical with money, and began saving energy at a very young age too...
Because if you really want a horse, you better keep your home cool and save those pennies lol

Growing up, I envied Julie her summertime birthdate, myself usually having to go to school.
Today though, she is demonstrating her dedication at work.
Nothing like a Hump Day Birthday.
Such a trooper.

Since I have not shipped the pillow sham I made for her, I told Julie she can preview her gift here!
I love how it turned out and sure hope she does too!

This make is a save, actually. A failed block saved from the Orphanage. Called Wanta Fanta Block, it was chosen as the June lotto block for Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. A free tutorial and PDF for the paper-piecing can be found HERE, at Blossom Heart Quilts. I failed to read the instructions though, and my block turned out completely off. I think I sewed on the center line instead of 1/4" away when I added the corners to the snowball blocks. Or vice-versa?

Once I realized the error, I knew I did not want to paper-piece another. I spent a fair amount of time selecting the fabrics from my scrap bin, and my flame was left with only a flicker. Instead, I sewed the blocks together, matching seams as well as I could, and ended up with a block much too small, and wompous, to contribute to lotto. Yes, that center seam is 1/2" off!

I whipped up a border,
Added the leftover triangles and a zipper for the backing,
Had some fun with the quilting, and finally,
machine-bound the edges for a scrappy finish!

Happy Birthday Dear Sister! I miss miss u.
Once I have shared this with Guild, I will pop this in the mail for you!  I hope it brings you cheer and comfort, and reminds you how very much you are admired and loved:)
umm, sorry bout this, but you will need a 16" pillow form!

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