Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cozy Afternoon Blog Hop Winner Announced!

What great response from reader's of the BOM reveal last week! Thank you all for the wonderful comments, and for sharing your own experiences using colors on fabric. I did a LOT of coloring as a child, so it was pretty fun picking them up again!  Many of the comments were left by readers who were visiting for their first time and I really enjoyed visiting some new-to-me blogs as a result!

The winner drawn for Jacquelynne's pattern bundle is Debby, who blogs at Determined Debby - Congratulations Debby!

I must admit, I do love it when the winner drawn for a giveaway turns out to be a blogger as well! Certainly not a requirement, more of a bonus and a fun surprise when I am led to a new blog:-)

Regarding coloring on fabric, I stumbled upon an interesting set of pens this week at a thrift shop:
I made a sampling of the colors on muslin and ran it through with normal laundry. There was no bleeding and I did not use freezer paper. Many of the colors were not as colorful as I hoped as I wrote with them (nothing bright about that Bright Blue!), however most of them did stay true through the washing, and I can see these will be fun to use for labels.
The unfortunate part is that the product does not seem to be available any longer. In fact, I suspect that these pens are 25 years old. The fact that they are working this well makes them all the more desirable to me. Made by Evanscraft, these are meant for "stitch-less cross stitch". Seems a big oxymoron to me! Were they marketed today as 'quilt labeling markers', I think Evanscraft would have a hot seller!
Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop for Cozy Afternoon! New blocks are popping up on the Pinterest Board Jacquelynne has curated: Cozy Afternoon Free BOM


  1. What great pens. I agree that no cross stitch cross stitch sounds a bit daft. Hopefully you'll still get a load of use from them though xxx

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  3. Congratulations to Debby!
    That's what I love about giveaways too Heidi - the fun of meeting new people.
    Doesn't that just beat all about those Evanscraft pens still working? It seems like pens these days dry out so fast.


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