Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Walk of Shame - 10 Quilty Little Secrets

Ten Quilty Quirks I am only somewhat ashamed to admit:

1. I personally like the Aurifil ad campaign. I am a long time fan of their thread, and I take it in good humor. I live in Vegas, and Yes, I even enjoyed The Thunder from Down Under Show.

2. Call it a Pet Peeve, but pets are not allowed anywhere near my fabric.

3. Fabric stored in plastic makes me cringe.

4. I try not to let Holiday Hoop-la distract me. I prefer functional projects - I dig tree skirts and holiday quilts, but holiday crafting in general I avoid.

5. Quilting is expensive and I cannot possibly keep up with all the trends. I try to stick with my own ideas and let my stash speak to me. Inevitably I end up with new fabric and projects though - swaps and such ;-) Blogland is so full of evil temptation!

6. Sometimes blogging feels a bit superficial to me. I have never bought a lottery ticket and I very rarely gamble, but I love hosting giveaways and you know I love to win fabric too. Isn't it all a big fabric swap in a way? Some sort of innate thrill vested in us by previous generations of fabric hoarders and swappers. Anyway, I like connecting with other quilter's, and just like quilting - fabric and friendships are about quality rather than quantity.

7. I quilt alone. Packing my machine to guild, or class, just doesn't appeal to me. I have dreamt of founding a Co-op for quilter's with a dreamy, mega-studio . Perhaps open 24hrs. And a lap pool in the back, with a swim-up bar. And all the boys from the Burrito Quilt Calendar are invited.

8. I quilt alone even when Captain Morgan is invited.

9. My most valued resource while learning to quilt was , and still is, the library. I have never purchased a new pattern. Magazines are probably my #1 favorite resource over the years, although the technical articles seem like they have declined. Is quilting dumbing down?

10. I don't care for quilting gadgets. I would like to try the slider, though it's a pricey piece of plastic and I doubt I will ever do it.  I really don't mind if they bury me with my hair clips.
Anything that eats into my fabric budget is taboo for me. I wanted to ask for my money back after taking my first-ever quilting class last year. Very disappointed when leaving, and all I could think of was the 7+ yards of fabric I could have purchased with the money. I liked the teacher and her work, and I like her books, but I felt a bit foolish with my money, and my time that day.

Amy, over at 13 Spools has provided a linkup where you too can confess bitch  moan share:

13 Spools


  1. I can easily agree with you on all your points!!! And boy did I lkaugh out when I read #8...everyone in the room looked up at me!!

  2. Love your list, especially the photo with #1 (hehehe)

  3. I'd love to quilt some where with a swim up bar!

  4. Looks like you took you time to write those down. Nice list and something to think about.

  5. Such a fun list and I agree with many of them myself.

  6. The 24 hour quilting studio sounds great. A maker's space. We have something like that opening in Indy very soon. The swim up bar though makes the idea extra tempting :)


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