Friday, May 16, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival - My Applique Entry!

Already, I am having too much fun surfing through the beautiful quilts popping up in the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side. Well, it is time to buckle down without distraction, I have yet to enter my second quilt!
So without further ado,
Followers have seen my version of Hello Moon, however I have never shared PROPER photos due to weather conditions at the finish!
I am still relatively new to the online quilting community, having started my blog just one year ago. I was rather unaware it existed prior to that, and I still feel like I am fumbling a bit trying to better divide my time and keep up with y'all. Just yesterday, I commented on a blog post that I had only ever participated in one QAL. Well, it took about an hour later to realize I have actually done a few! For some reason, I wasn't really thinking of BOM as a QAL. And although I have far too many to-do's (& half-dones!), I really love participating in this type of thing online, especially if there is an active Flickr group sharing all the different variations.
I really enjoy the challenge each month of coming up with fabrics from my stash, without knowing future blocks, or any idea of the quilt to come. For this quilt, I pulled a lot of old vintage fabrics that I like, but would not likely use mixed with more modern cottons.
The Quilt Along was a 2013 Block of the Month led by April Mae Designs. The blocks finish at 6.5". If you are interested in the pattern, she still has the free downloads available at her site!

I purposely designed the yellow stars to fall short a bit so they would not actually connect. Then, I was inspired by an Angela Walters book that I happened to have checked out at the time (umm, renewed three times!) to do the bubbles connecting them. The perfect backing was also found in my stash. It is a poly/cotton blend, and therefore it is yet another fabric that I liked well enough to have kept all these years, even though it seemed unlikely to ever be used.
As each month rolled around, I wondered if this would be the month that would have us all sewing COWS.
You know, jumping over the moon!
Well, December came along, and it just didn't happen. And of course, I just couldn't get over it.
I had to draw my own.
A purple cow, of course!
Finished Quilt Size: 36" x 48"
Batting: Quilter's Dream Polyester
Fabric: A lot of OLD Stash! Scraps!
Backing: Vintage plaid
Thread: Coat's Dual Duty 40wt  (another stash-buster!)
Recipient: NYC (not yet conceived)
I am entering this one in the Applique division for the Quilt Festival!
Nominations are going on now, and voting begins May 23rd!


  1. This is such a cute quilt!! I love it!! and that purple cow is the best!! Thanks for sharing such a fun quilt!

  2. Such a sweet quilt! Puts a smile on my face :)

  3. Wow. That is just too cute.

  4. The mouse with the cheese is easily my favourite!

  5. I love the cow! The whole quilt is so cute; I can picture that it would be such a fun snuggle quilt to use over and over again to point out pictures. I chuckled about the book renewal; as someone with more projects than time, that is totally something that I would do.

  6. I love your purple cow! He is a cutie! I also really love all of the quilting patterns you incorporated. It looks great!

  7. Your design is so playful and fun. Really love it.

  8. Seriously one of the sweetest baby quilts I've ever seen. Love that applique work !


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