Monday, April 14, 2014

Sew Kitschy Coffee Pot - April BOM

It seems my foundation piecing skills are improving, well, my confidence at least :-)
This month I chose to alter the pattern for the Sew Kitschy Block of the Month led by Kristy at Quiet Play. Ever have the urge to change a pattern up for your own quilts? As I make this quilt I have in mind the property I visited in the summer's of my childhood; my Grandfather's cabin in Canada. I am going for a rustic and simple vibe. Enamel hot pots came to mind when I saw that this month's block is a tea pot. Putting my vision to paper was easy enough. Figuring out the reverse image and sections seemed a bit more complicated than I had thought, so I just dug in, starting with Kristy's pattern for the lid and knob. From there, I improv-pieced, just wingin' it!

Bet you didn't even notice the counter isn't level!!
hmm, maybe you did...

Here is how they are all coming together...

Yep, looking at it gives me Cabin Fever ;-)

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  1. It look's great! And no, I didn't notice the counter isn't level, until you pointed it out. Then I had to scroll back up to look again.

  2. Ha ha! fabulous alteration! Love it!!!
    Some love coffee, some love tea!
    Tea for me please!

  3. Looks like a fun QAL - great blocks!

  4. I like the four blocks you made so far, and I am impressed by your skills to alter the pattern. Now you have a very unique kettle.

  5. What a fun project!

  6. What a very cute set of blocks. If I had a kitchen wall, I would love something like that to decorate.

  7. Very nice for just wigging it! Great job. I think I want to change my now too! ;-)

  8. I just *love* how your background fabrics are coming together on these!

  9. well I didn't notice it until you said it LOL! Love your background fabric!

  10. They all look fab, almost enough to temp me to readdress my fear of PP!!!


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