Monday, April 21, 2014

Foundation Piecing a State Fair Star Block

Zoom  Zoom Zoom and it is Monday again!

Time again to share blocks over at What a Hoot for BOM's Away!
In comparison to the Sew Kitschy BOM Blocks I have been sewing from Kristy at Quiet Play, things were a bit shakier with this pattern for the State Fair Block! The paper sheets I used are from Lynn Graves, published with permission from a Judy Martin Book from 1990, Scraps, Blocks, and Quilts. (I probably even have it - I will have to check!) .
I have had this pack of sheets for ages, it will make a zillion 10" blocks. The lines drawn on the pattern are the cutting lines, and you have to remember to sew 1/4" to the left the printed lines.

It just seemed a bit trickier with all the sections, and it wasn't as easy to remove the paper as the tissue paper (!) I have been using, but really it came out nicely and I am pleased:-)
It has been added to my growing pile of Aurifil Blocks !

I will be participating in The Blogger's Quilt Festival coming up (May 16) at Amy's Creative Side,
Will you be there too?

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Your block is absolutely perfect! and gorgeous fabrics as well.

  2. I do like the colours you've used in this block. It turned out very nicely.

  3. What a pretty block!!! Makes me want to do a quilt of them. :) I think I would make a lot of mistakes on that paper the way it's marked, after all the paper piecing I've done with the seam lines drawn. I'm impressed that you kept it straight!


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