Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stash Sharing with Pile O' Fabric

Every week I receive by email the 'pile of fabric' posted by Alyssa for her Stash Share.
I always admire her pile, and I think how suiting it is that Pile O' Fabric is posting piles of fabric. Alyssa chooses great palettes, and I have wondered why this fun and easy linky hasn't taken off with bloggers. Perhaps, like me, it is a time issue. I try to avoid getting sidetracked by my stash! Still, I am never one to miss an opportunity to play with it if I can, and this week I am sharing a pile of my own!

I have a thing for mixing vintage fabrics in with new, and I do intend to do a post on the subject soon, but for today I can only share a bit of how I may bring them together. Can you tell which are vintage?

The gray and yellow plaid is unmarked, and really not that old. It is super soft and I look forward to someday using it in a quilt - thus far I have never cut into it.
Above that is a gray zigzag I just love - it is by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Bros. Textiles.

I am thinking I've had that dark teal since 89, it was part of a BOM fabric and is unmarked.

The tonal stripe is unknown as well, however it is at least of this century.

mmm, next up is the teal floral from Julia Horner's new line. She is so cute! Check out her video introduction, and her new line on YouTube. I picked up an orange from the line too...

Lastly, the yellow tonal is an unmarked vintage.

This has been a quick and fun post, and selecting the fabrics did not take much time! As long as I make my decisions quickly when pulling fabrics, this could be a weekly post indeed!

Stash Share is open all week. If you're liking the palette this week, give it a try! I showed you mine....

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