Monday, August 5, 2013

Block Talk!

Like planned, I did some block work over the weekend, but I was sidetracked quite a bit!

That's not unusual for me lately though. With all the pretty piles of fabric I have going on right now it is hard to avoid distraction and stay focused, :-)

Hello Moon gave me a bit of grief this month. We stuck it out with determination, and at last I have something I feel OK about keeping. The pattern this month is so cute!
The fabric I selected for the fire didn't work out too well, and somehow my flames were quite a bit larger than the pattern. To save it, I darkened the wood fabric by adding some grain lines, and then I added the orange solid to shrink the flame a bit, & creating a better happy face place. Ahh, much better. Here is the Flickr group with lots of blocks from this fun BOM by April Mae Designs.

Last week I received a new block for the Add-a-Border Block Swap. This is round three, a 12" block I will add to and return as an 18" block. (Or 24?) When I began this Robin, I sent two 6" blocks, and I have now completed and mailed back two 12" border blocks. So this is my first 'Round Three'. Each one seems a bit tougher, which is a challenge I rather like. (check out the Flickr group- you really never know what you will get!) If there were a deadline, I would probably not enjoy it so much, but I am allowed to pin the block up to contemplate as long as I wish. I have found the blocks grow on me. And the story behind them helps a bit. This one is called Resolve, and both quilters used new-to-them techniques. I pulled some fabrics for it, and I have in mind a kind of fractured feather.

I also pulled some fabrics to make more Churn Dash blocks.
I like my Lucky Penny block so much, I am going full-on for a lap quilt.
Here's a bit of the palette...

I know, I was supposed to whip up more sailboat blocks for Monday Block Talk, but I really wanted to see some of these blocks and got carried away with them.
And this will be my WIP this week, so that is all I am sharing for now!

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