Saturday, October 1, 2016

A New Month and a New Goal

Welcome to One Monthly Goal!
I'm going to move this post right along, to get the party started without further delay!
Short and sweet, perhaps, but I do have an October goal:

I hope to finish the ISpy Quilt that has been sandwiched for a week or so now. Foregoing the OMG rules, I am not going to share a photo of the goal. Also assuming you have all seen enough of it until the finish. There'll be no I-Spy overkill coming from this-away...

So as not to disappoint, I do have one pretty photo to share!
This is the bundle I put together for the OMG, October prize-pool!
I am sharing two spools from the Aurifil 'Simply Color' set I recently won at From my Carolina Home. Holding the spools for inspiration, I selected a few stash fabrics to make a little (FQ)baby-bundle. Babies on the brain, who knows..
The winner will have fun with the nursery print humor, it is quite different than norm, and a bit of a hoot.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Heidi! Glad you are enjoying the threads. There will be another chance this month with Autumn Jubilee!

  2. That is adorable fabric. Good luck with your goal!

  3. Good luck with your goal! Sweet prize! You're so good!

  4. Good luck with your goal for October.

  5. Having a monthly goal has enabled me to complete several of my UFOs that I might otherwise have left on a shelf in my closet. While I am not 100% successful with all months, I am over 50%, and September was a completion that I happily marked off my list. Best wishes with your October goal!

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  7. Best of luck on your goal. You can't overdose me with pics of any project. =) I'd love to win that prize, considering how many baby quilts I make around here! 17 finished so far this year! Love Aurifil thread, too. Thank you for helping me meet or come close to my goals on so many languishing projects!

  8. I've really enjoyed participating in OMG this year, Heidi. I hope you'll continue it in 2017. (And I can always use some more Aurifil!)

  9. Can't wait to make my goal! Thanks for the awesome way to get motivated!

  10. Oh Heidi, all that lovely pinkness is just wonderful. What a great prize. I better get quilting !

  11. Oh what a pretty bundle you have put together there. Looking forward to working on my OMG in October and seeing what others do aswell.

  12. Thanks for this great quilt along, Heidi! I am late to the party, but I think I need an extra push this month. :D

  13. Hello Heidi, I grabbed you button for Oct. OMG. abdd posted my intended goal. while it doesn't have a lot of quilting I hope this applies to the rules. Let me know and if not I'll take it off with no problem. Your giveaway is sweet and there are some really nice goals posted this month. Thanks for this opportunity.


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