Saturday, September 24, 2016

One Monthly Goal Linkup: Celebrating September Finishes!

I've completed my first bag for the Bag It 2016 Challenge!! I am ON it, right? I want to make six bags this year and there is no time to lose; the linkup at Elm Street Quilts closes in only 83 days!

I began with a pretty batik sunflower, part of a bundle I won from Mary, at Quilting Grandma Designs.
Can you guess what I have stashed inside those pockets?
Come closer, my pretties,
That's better.
My dimensions vary a bit from the tutorial that I used, offered by Carole of From My Carolina Home. I won a gorgeous box of Aurifil Threads from Carole recently. The brightly-colored spools inspired me to pull special fabrics, and piece the inside pockets. It'll be a cheerful burst of color every time this pouch is opened!
For the circles, I ironed freezer paper templates right on the fabric. Easier to rotary cut the fabric that way, and I can re-use them when I make another.
This bag is destined for my SIL. It has a similar style as the jewelry roll I made for her last year, the one on the right with similar bell-style, metal cord stops.
I picked them up at a local bead shop. They fit snuggly and I really like the finish!
Because this is a Christmas gift, I am linking my finish up with Ho, Ho, Ho, and On We Snowman, hosted this month by Sandra Sews!

Just One week left to reach your One Monthly Goal

I finished my September goal, btw, to complete the I-Spy backing, but have not photographed it yet. Perhaps I will join the party and link it up here! 

See you soon!!

One lucky participant will also win an I-Spy bundle, custom cut from my stash! 
Here it is in-process:

Please visit our OMG sponsors this month, as a way of saying...

Thank you!


  1. I forgot that You WON that Bundle! Glad you could use it for a Bag. Getting my Ppst ready to Link up! I FINISHED my Quilting on my OMG this month. YEA for a GOAL to get my Machine going this month.

  2. Such a cute bag. I think that I will have to check out that tut as I have a friend that you love to have one of would I come to think of it.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful! I've always wanted to make one. Even purchased a kit from Connecting Threads years ago. It just sits. Maybe you've inspired me, like I have time to start anything new! Well done! XO

  4. Eek! I love seeing all those pretty aurifil threads in that adorable bag. I made my OMG, I just need to publish my post so that I can link up.

  5. Your thread kit looks great with the rainbow of Aurifil! Thank you for linking to my tutorial.

  6. Great bag and thread. I had to laugh when you said you finished your first bag. I'm having trouble trying to focus on the ONE bag I want to make. ha ha ha

  7. Heidi. Your bag definitely looks bigger than mine. I am still working hard at achieving 20 pineapple blocks.... LOL

  8. The bag looks fabulous, Heidi! Your SIL will love it.


  9. A very fun bag! What a fun Christmas gift.

  10. Love the bag and the super cute fabric!

  11. Loving this bag! One Christmas gift down! XO

  12. Oh that's a gorgeous bag Heidi - the thread inside will be a perfect pop of colour when she opens the bag - lucky SIL! I love batiks - I have a small collection of them but have only used bits and pieces because I don't want to cut into them and - you know - use them up, LOL! Thank you for posting it to the Ho Ho Ho linky!

    I keep seeing posts about OMG (which is a pretty darn good+funny name for a linky, LOL) - with Christmas sewing in full swing I should be participating! I'm doing Bag It again this year as well, so I shall see you there also :D

  13. Fun bag--it's going to make someone very happy!

  14. That's a really nice bag. Good luck getting all the bags made.


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