Wednesday, May 25, 2016

OMG It's Finished! Linkup May 2016

Okay, I sure hope ya'll have had better success with your One Monthly Goal this month than I have!

Perhaps I was a wee bit optimistic: Summer Gathering still waits patiently for me, leading the queue beside Mr. Juki. Of course, I wish I were sharing a finished quilt today! Instead, I will share the little projects I am toting with me tonight to the Las Vegas Modern Quilter's meeting.
Two block-lotto blocks, and a hummingbird I made for the Drunkard's Path block challenge. I was inspired by a quilt shared recently by Susan, who blogs at The Bored Zombie. My little block just doesn't represent her work well though, and I encourage you to check hers out! Susan named her beautiful quilt Doxstar's Flight, giving credit to the artist whose work inspired her, Cedric Kesteloot.

I am looking forward to seeing your quilty finishes!
One week left friends: I hope you can do it!!

In the prize-pool this month:
 Fusion Illusion scrap pack of 5"x18" cuts
 One lovely charm pack of Fossil Fern, generously gifted by Lara, of BuzzinBumble
 photo courtesy of buzzinbumble
 One Monthly Goal, May Sponsors:

Bagmaker Supply $20 Store Credit
Fat Quarter Shop $25 Gift Certificate 


  1. Sorry you didn't get as much done as you were hoping. Your hummingbird is cute though!

  2. Oh, I may have been a little optimistic too. I am still trying though!

  3. Good luck next month!

    That hummingbird is darling.

  4. Love that cute little hummingbird! Hopefully I'll be on track with a goal for next month!

  5. Thank you for sharing your hummingbird block and introducing us to the original quilt. I really like both! Birds are my passion these days. I just love how creative everyone is!

  6. Ha, well I'm almost finished with the WRONG quilt! Just half a binding to go. =P And I love your hummingbird! That's very creative, I think. Best of luck finishing your goal next month?

  7. This is the first time I've linked up to OMG and it really gave me a boost, thank you. I'm looking forward to next month and finishing another project too.

  8. I love your hummingbird! I need to make one.

  9. It's such fun to see what everyone is working on. OMG has really given me a focus -- now I have to think about what I'll choose for my June goal!
    P.S. Love the hummingbird.

  10. With all you had going on this month, on top of running OMG for all of us, it's a wonder you got any sewing accomplished at all Heidi! Thank you for all you do!

  11. Some months are better than others. Don't be too hard on yourself. You did sew.
    Kathleen Mary
    My blog

  12. It's okay that you didn't finish your goal. Life happens. You worked on other things, so it was still a good month.

  13. Her quilt is awesome! Now you already have your June goals in place! XO

  14. The hummingbird is very cute! I like the drama you achieved by using just black and white, though I can see this block in deep jewel tones too.

  15. The hummingbird block is so cute. It's kind of cool what can be done with a drunkards path block.


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