Friday, April 1, 2016

One Monthly Goal: Plans for April 20

We're talkin' April goals already!

It would be a relief for me to do a bit of catch-up this month. I decided to follow Karen's lead by selecting Daily Dots as my OMG.  I found this fun Lilac Girl fabric, and prepared it for today's dot (#124!):
Sure, having today's Dot ready makes me appear organized, but don't let this fool you! My goal this month is to get these Dots under control, and maybe even ahead! If I prepare some extra frames, May will be a breeze! My next post, this afternoon, I will be linking-up with Quilty365 to share some pictures and a progress report.

Apparently I am not the only one who felt the month slip by!
61% of our goals were met this month, a bit of a decline, but lots of admirable successes and I am sure everyone did make progress! If you are wondering, I did reach my own bag-making goal (sewed the hole closed just last night!), and look forward to sharing 10 things I learned while making the beast sometime over the weekend.

Let's get motivated! In the Kitty for the month of April, from our generous sponsors:

Bagmaker Supply has offered a $20.00 discount to one lucky prize-winner this month!

Fat Quarter Shop has offered a $25.00 gift certificate!

Christa Watson, of ChristaQuilts, has generously offered one copy of each her new book! Co-authored with Angela Walter's, The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting , this book will be hot-off-the-press when it is awarded in April!
I wasn't able to make up a bundle this month, 
however I did win this 5" Amy Butler Charm Pack, (Dreamweaver), at a local quilt show this month! I will add a little something to it as well, I do like to personalize the Happy Mail!
Thank you for linking up, I am having so much fun following along with all your quilty-shenanigans!


  1. Thanks for searching out great prizes, and thanks to the sponsors for donating those prizes! I'm very excited to be on a roll so far, and hope that continues this month. I look forward to reading what you learned making your bag (congratulations on finishing!) because I'm generally not a bag maker. Love your lavender girl!

  2. Keeping caught up with a quilt along is always a challenge for me. Good luck with your goal to get caught up and ahead a bit. Declaring a monthly focus is working really well in terms of me getting things done, so I'm really enjoying the OMG.

  3. Sweet fabric for your dot! I'm all about keeping up with SAL's--just wish I could stop myself from joining so many of them!

  4. Good luck with your goals. Sometimes we get busy and not everything gets done, but it is always there for next time.

  5. Good luck with your goal! I'm glad you decided to host OMG. This keeps me focused on finishing projects, rather than starting new projects...and more new projects.....


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