Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday BOMs Away!

Decisions are made, and sashing is in process for Hello Moon!
Well, I am not sure it is called sashing - rather a pieced setting. The plan is to join these blocks without sashing, but I may add a 1" strip of the background if it needs it. We will just have to see how they come together on the design wall!
Sorry bout the flash, I took this one last night...
Each block has a different background fabric, and they are all cut, stacked, and ready to roll...

Over the weekend, I also managed to complete two border-blocks for the Add a Border Block Swap I participate in. Honestly, this group has been more of a challenge than I anticipated. I have gone back and forth as to whether I will continue participating. Overall, I finally determined, I love the challenge of adding to random quilts. It is a 'growing' experience for me. I LOVE the add-a-border concept and I will continue with the group, limiting myself to one at a time though!

I added a 3" pieced border to bring this flimsy to 24". It is a Round4 block, now finished (with the swapping!), so I will mail this away, and then I will be eligible to choose my second flimsy.
This was a really hard one for me! The quilter who made the original 6" block named it Easter Candy. After I sat on it way-to-long, I figured I better dig in and gitRdone before Easter!  I like my finished borders so well, but it was not quite the save I was looking for for the quilt. I briefly considered keeping them for a new block of my design. But when I held it up to fabric to vision it with additional border options, it actually does work. And I am happy happy to be moving on..

The next one was much easier! This one is Round 3, so it is now 18.5".

A day late, I am linking anyway to share with Lyn's Block of the Month Linky Party, BOM's Away!
Thank you Lyn!!


  1. Look at you go with your Hello, Moons. :D I like the changing background fabrics. I finally have a vague idea how I want to set mine, which is good since this coming Sunday is my day to work on it! heh. Seriously, though, I really, REALLY like what you did for the Easter Candy quilt. The fabrics work so nicely with it and the negative space floating the color squares gives the whole quiltlet a more restful feeling so it's not so chaotic. Which makes the inner craziness quite pleasing!

  2. Love your Hello moon setting and blocks. I really must get in and finish mine too.

  3. I love what you have done with Hello Moon. It looks great. The add a border quilts look like a fun challenge. They look fabulous.


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