Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Morning Blocks

I have several block finishes to share for BOM's Away Monday!

Finished my June Block for Hello Moon by April Mae Designs:
Finished a border and mailed a Patriotic block for the Add-A-Border Group:
I used an orphan block, made at quilt guild a few month's back, to make a bedside organizer:

I posted  a tutorial for the Lemoyne's Star Block back in January, but this was the first block I made at Guild, with some scraps I had grabbed to play with. Just so happens my bedding is brown and black, and I have no room for a nightstand the way we are arranged in there, so I fashioned up this little caddy for magazines and such (ie, earplugs for emergency use!).

I have quite a few projects queued up for the design wall, but I have not wanted to remove the Hearts and Flowers blocks until I at least sew them somewhat together. I keep changing the layout around. I am working on a central background heart. I had this going on:
 Then I removed two blocks that weren't working, and moved those top ones to the bottom.

Still not happy with that red stripe heart there at the top, I tried swapping it,

I like the idea that the bottom of the quilt will have  a lot of the royal for background, so I moved those with royal to the bottom. I'm thinking it needs a few little heart border strips between some of the blocks. Or sompin. I am pretty tired of looking at it, but it is all in pieces and not ready to come down. I thought for that top heart, I can move it up an inch or two and add royal triangles on the bottom of the block, leaving a 1" or so strip of light blue under the top red heart. Not sure that'll make sense to you reading. In short, it will complete the large royal heart, and move that upper heart up even more, and I guess that is where I should start next. Not loving it, but it is getting better:-)


  1. What lovely creations you have been working on.

  2. Hi Heidi. Looks like I'm not the only one who has been having indecision problems! Sometimes I like to take everything off the design wall and start again - maybe with something new as the starting point. I love your 10yr old boat UFO and was wondering how you were getting on with it?

  3. OH my gosh!! Your bedside organizer from an orphan block is genius! And don't you just love the Hello Moon blocks? I had the best time catching mine up the past two weeks.


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